Mi Backup and Restore: 5 Easy & Quick Ways to Back Up & Restore Xiaomi Smoothly

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"Hi, everyone. I just bought a new Xiaomi phone, and I need to back up my old phone. On settings, I cannot back up my phone because the storage needed is not enough. How can I make the backup seamlessly for a safe restore?" -- from XIAOMI.EU FORUMS


Welcome to the comprehensive guide on "Mi backup and restore". In the dynamic world of smartphones, ensuring the safety and accessibility of your data is of utmost importance. Xiaomi, a pioneer in innovative mobile technology, provides a robust solution for holding your personal data with its feature-rich functionality.

In the following passage, we shall delve into the intricacies of this topic, exploring step-by-step procedures, tips, and best practices to safeguard and rescue your valuable information.

Way 1: Mi Backup and Restore with Android Backup & Restore (Easy & Secure)

Looking for a reliable and super-easy backup and restore software? Consider checking out MobiKin Backup Manager for Android (Win and Mac), also recognized as Android Backup & Restore. This software is specifically designed for Android users and is unmatched in terms of simplicity, security, and affordability. With this tool, you can easily back up Xiaomi data on your phone to your computer and perform Mi backup restore on Android without error.

What makes MobiKin Android Backup & Restore remarkable?

  • Let you quickly get Mi backup onto a computer with just one touch.
  • Allow you to conduct Mi restore without effort.
  • Back up and restore such items as contacts, SMS, call logs, pictures, songs, videos, documents, apps, and more.
  • Compatible with various Android phones/tablets, such as Xiaomi Mi 14/Mi 13/Mi 12/Mi 11/Mi 10/Mi 9/Mi 9 SE, Redmi 9/8/7, Redmi Note 10/9/8/7 Pro/4, TCL, Google, Wiko, Huawei, Boostetc, vivo, etc.
  • It is highly secure and offers both WiFi and USB connection modes.

download for win download for mac

How to use this Xiaomi backup app after free downloading Android Backup & Restore?

Step 1: Download and install this Android backup software on your computer. Launch the program, then attach your Xiaomi Android phone to the computer via USB. Once recognized, choose "Backup" from the window.

android backup and restore window

Step 2: This utility allows you to choose the file types for backup from your Xiaomi phone. Select your preferences and click the "Browse" button to designate a backup data location. After that, click "Back Up".

back up mi to computer

How do I restore data from the MI backup?

  • Once your phone is identified by this product, click "Restore".
  • Choose the desired data types and click "Restore" again to get the backup data to your Mi phone.

restore mi from computer

Click to Access:

Way 2: Back Up and Restore Mi via Assitant for Android (Video Tutorial Included)

If you are looking for another solution to efficiently manage your content on Xiaomi, including backing up and restoring it, then MobiKin Assistant for Android (Win and Mac) is the ultimate choice. Apart from its comprehensive 1-click backup and restore feature, this software also enables you to effortlessly organize and edit your contacts, text messages, multimedia files, and apps, among other functionalities.

win android assistant mac android assistant

How to back up Xiaomi phone with MobiKin Assistant for Android?

  • After installing the program on your PC or Mac, launch it and connect Xiaomi to the computer using the appropriate USB cable.
  • Once connected, the program will successfully detect your device.
  • Navigate to the "Super Toolkit" option in the program's interface.
  • From the subsequent window, select "Backup".
  • choose the backup option

  • Choose the file types for backup and select the desired path on your computer to save these files.
  • Finally, click the "Back Up" button to get Mi phone backup to PC.

back up mi phone with assistant for android

How to use this Mi backup restore software to get the backup files back?

  • Link your Xiaomi or any other Android phone to your computer.
  • Get your phone recognized by the software.
  • Go to "Super Toolkit" and choose the "Restore" option.
  • Select the file types you wish to restore and click the "Restore" button.

mi backup restore

Video Guide: How to use this Android Backup and restore software?

Way 3: Back Up Mi and Restore Xiaomi Backup via Local Backup (Storage Consuming)

Xiaomi phones enable its users to back up Android/Xiaomi phone to an SD card or computer. This includes photos, videos, documents, contacts, messages, and more.

How to back up your Mi phone with local storage without Mi backup software?

  • Open the "Settings" app, navigate to "Additional settings", and select "Local backups".
  • Click on "Back up" to initiate the backup process.
  • back up mi via local backup

How to restore Xiaomi from your local backup?

  • Copy the backup files to the phone's internal storage ("MIUI > Backup > All Backup").
  • Rename the folder with the latest date and time.
  • Delete any unnecessary backup files and access "Settings".
  • Proceed to "Additional settings > Backup & Restore/Reset > Local backups".
  • From the list of backup files, choose the relevant one and tap "Restore".

restore xiaomi from local backup

Where is Mi backup stored locally? Locating your local backup files on Xiaomi or Redmi phones is vital for various occasions. Typically found in the path "MIUI\backup\AllBackup[Date_Time]", the [Date_Time] subfolder follows a specific naming format representing the year, month, date, and a random number. Note that if you use external storage like an SD card, the Xiaomi backup folder is likely there.


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Way 4: Back Up Mi Phone and Restore It Using Mi Cloud

Mi Cloud, a free service for Xiaomi phone users, allows up to 5 GB of free backup without any premium charges. Additional storage beyond this limit is available at a cost. Before proceeding, please maintain a stable internet connection.

To make MIUI backup its cloud storage, you can:

  • Navigate to "Settings > Mi Account".
  • Ensure you're logged in to an active Mi account.
  • Access the "Back up device" feature and enable "Mi Cloud backup".
  • You can schedule backups or choose "Back up now" for an immediate backup.
  • back up mi phone with mi cloud

How to restore Mi Cloud backup?

  • Go to "Settings > Mi Account" and ensure your device is linked to the same Mi account as the backup.
  • Navigate to "Restore from backup" and select the desired backup file from Mi Cloud.
  • Tap "Restore using this backup" to initiate the restore.

restore mi cloud backup

What if Mi Cloud fails to work? You can check the Internet connection, verify your Mi Cloud storage, update the app, check the Mi account, reset the account password, clear the Cloud cache, or simply contact Mi Support.


Way 5: Perform Mi Backup and Restore with Mi PC Suite

Where is Xiaomi backup application - Mi PC Suite? You can get the tool from the Xiaomi official website. It is a dedicated desktop application for popular Xiaomi Mi and Redmi models, allowing users to create and restore backups on a PC. Beyond backup functions, it facilitates the management of media, contacts, and other data.

How to make MIUI backup for all Xiaomi files via Mi PC Suite?

  • Download, install, and launch Mi PC Suite on your computer.
  • Connect your phone to the computer using a USB cable.
  • back up xiaomi phone with mi pc suite

  • On the main PC suite screen, click the "Backups" option.
  • Press the "Back up now" button to initiate the device backup.

When the backup is created, follow the easy guide to restore Xiaomi from within:

  • Connect your phone to the computer using a USB cable.
  • Launch Mi PC Suite and click the Recovery option.
  • Choose the backup you wish to restore, and it will be reinstated on your phone.

Extra: How to Recover Deleted Mi Data without Backup?

Backing up Xiaomi content is crucial for peace of mind, but some users may experience data loss before creating a backup. In such cases, Xiaomi operators can turn to reliable 3rd-party software for data recovery, especially if they prefer an affordable option.

If you're facing a similar situation, check out the 4 methods to recover deleted files from your Mi phone even without a backup. A key reminder here - refrain from using your phone if you discover data loss. Get trusted software for your computer and initiate your data recovery process promptly.

recover deleted mi data without backup

What Is the Best Backup Software for Xiaomi?

Frankly, out of the five tools discussed today, two involve 3rd-party software dedicated to backup and restore. These products have undergone extensive testing by numerous users, proving their reliability in terms of compatibility, security, and error rates.

In comparison, Xiaomi's official products may lag slightly in terms of compatibility and user experience, not to mention the memory-intensive nature of the local backup. Your choice can be made based on your specific circumstances.

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