Can't Delete or Export iPhone Photos with iCloud Photo Library Enabled? [Fixed]

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Find that it can't delete or export photos from your iPhone through our program? There must be something wrong. Normally, the photos on iPhone can be exported or deleted without any problems. However, if it really can't, don't panic, simply check out why and how to fix it below.

Part 1. Why Can't It Delete or Export iPhone Photos?

Before going further, please be noted that when you get your iDevice connected to the MobiKin Assistant for iOS, you can check the Storage Type of your photos. If the photo shows it's stored in "Device only", it can be deleted and exported.

Failed to delete photos on iPhone? Here's why:

Usually, the photos that can't be deleted might show "iCloud" in Storage Type, the photos of which can't be deleted due to system limitation. You can check if they are the ones that you can't delete.

Failed to export photos from iPhone? Here's why:

Similarly, the photos that can't be exported with our program are usually the ones that show "iCloud" in Storage Type. Photos can't be exported because they are actually stored in iCloud, or they are not locally stored in full size.

But not all of those photos can't be exported, it depends on whether your photos are in full size, or locally stored or not. Usually, once you open the iCloud Photo Library feature, all of the local photos and videos on your iPhone will be automatically uploaded and stored on the iCloud storage. However, if some of them are locally stored in full size, they can be exported, too.

check storage type for your iphone photos 

Part 2. How to Fix If It Fails to Export iPhone Photos

If you find that the photos on iPhone cannot be exported, firstly check if there is the "iCloud" in Storage Type with our program. Yes? Let's fix it below:

1. Unlock your iPhone, and open the Settings app.

2. Navigate to iCloud > Photos, choose the Download and Keep Originals option, instead of Optimize iPhone Storage. Thus, the photos you've uploaded to iCloud will be downloaded to your phone's local storage.

3. Now, you can re-connect your iPhone to our program, then export the photos again.

Notes: Please be aware that reconnection with our program is required. This is how you make your new phone settings take effect.

set up icloud photos on iphone 

Part 3. Contact Us for Further Assistance

What if there is no "iCloud" in Storage Type using our program for those photos that can't be deleted or exported? Or what if you encounter other problems? Please kindly let us know via email at It is appreciated of you to attach the following information:

1. What's your Apple device's model and iOS version?

2. What's your computer's operating system?

3. Send us the screenshot of MobiKin Assistant for iOS, showing what displays in Storage Type for your photos.

(Windows users can press "Print Screen SysRq" key on your keyboard and then click on "Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint > press ctrl + V to paste the screenshot". After that, you can save the picture and send to us.)

If you have other problems about the software connection, installation or usage, just go to the Product FAQ page to get the solutions.

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