How to Transfer Files from Android to USB Flash Drive? [Multiple Options]

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The near-capacity phone storage has been a common challenge for modern electronics enthusiasts. It's so easy to fill the storage up - a few high-definition movies, a long journey, and even some mobile games. Imagine that if you have a thumb drive, and an external memory device, you can optimize Android space before manipulating the device freely.

Next, you may need to copy videos, contacts, music, etc., across, in addition to working out how to transfer photos from Android phone to USB flash drive. OK, we will teach you the five most advisable ways to transfer files from Android to a USB flash drive.

transfer files from android to usb flash drive

Method 1: Transfer Files from Android Phone to USB by Drag & Drop

To transfer your media files like photos, videos, and music from your phone to the USB storage directly, you just need to configure the phone according to the prompts after the physical connection. Now let's see how to transfer videos/photos from Android to a flash drive by copying and pasting:

  • With a USB cord, link your Android phone to a computer.
  • Touch "Charging this device via USB" when it appears.
  • Choose "File Transfer" from "Use USB for".
  • When a file transfer window comes out on your PC, please head to the folder with the pics and videos you want to transfer.
  • Insert your USB drive into the machine.
  • Copy your desired files and paste them to the USB storage.

transfer files from android phone to usb by drag and drop

You May Need:

Method 2: Transfer Files from Android to USB Flash Drive via Assistant for Android

Would you like to do the transfers for various files from Android to a USB stick in just simple clicks? Well, all the tedious work can be simplified using MobiKin Assistant for Android (Win and Mac). As one of the most outstanding tools for Android phone transfer and management, this software has become a boon for millions of Android users.

What are the main features of Assistant for Android?

  • Transfer files from Android to a USB flash drive.
  • Transfer and manage overall Android data like contacts, SMS, call logs, photos, audio, videos, music, apps, etc.
  • Copy content between Android and computer.
  • Back up and restore Android phones/tablets with one click.
  • Manage your Android device on a computer offline.
  • Two connection modes: USB and Wi-Fi.
  • Work well with various Android devices, covering Samsung, Google, Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, LG, Sony, Motorola, Vivo, etc.

android assistant for win android assistant for mac

How to transfer files from Android to a thumb drive with Assistant for Android?

Step 1. Run Assistant for Android on a computer

Install the downloaded program on a computer before launching it. Then connect your phone to the computer, and the software will identify it automatically.

run assistant for android

Step 2. Choose what you want to transfer

Choose your desired data types from the left sidebar. And you'll be able to preview and select the specific items you intend to transfer.

select the android data for transfer

Step 3. Transfer files from Android to a USB flash drive

Plug your USB storage into this computer. Finally, choose the "Export" option from the top screen and save the selected data onto the flash drive easily.

transfer files from android to usb flash drive with assistant for android

Method 3: Move Files to USB Storage from Android via OTG Adaptor

With a handy OTG adapter, you have the ability to attach your USB-C flash drive to your phone. After the connection, a notification from your phone's file system should appear. Then please follow the steps below to transfer files from an Android phone to a USB drive with an OTG adapter:

  • Link your flash drive to the adaptor with a full-size USB (the female end).
  • Plug the USB-C end into the Android phone.
  • Scroll down from the top of the screen to find the notification tray.
  • Hit "USB Drive" and tap "Internal Storage" to check the files on your phone. (Cannot view pictures in the Android gallery?)
  • Locate the items you want to copy and select them.
  • move files to usb storage from android via otg adaptor

  • Click the three-dot icon, followed by "Copy".
  • Go to your USB drive and click "Done".

Extended Reading

Method 4: Transfer Files from Android to USB Stick with Files by Google

When you have an OTG cable, you can ease the transfer with the help of Files by Google as well. This app enables you to manage Android files easily as long as your phone is running Android 7.0 (Nougat) and above. Here's how to copy files from Android to a USB flash drive with Files by Google.

  • Connect your USB OTG cable to your Android phone.
  • Insert your USB storage into the female connector of the OTG cable.
  • Download and install Files by Google on your Android phone before running it.
  • transfer files from android to usb stick with files by google

  • Click "Browse" at the bottom of the page.
  • You'll get a notification saying "USB available". (If it doesn't turn up, remove the USB drive and try again.)
  • Press the USB stick you wish to open and tap "Allow".
  • Scroll to "Storage devices" to locate the files you want to transfer and tap the USB flash drive as the destination. In doing so, you can speed up your Android phone effortlessly.

Method 5: Transfer Files from Android to USB Flash Drive via AirDroid

AirDroid makes it easy for you to implement file transfers, get messages, and reply to them on a computer. While performing the migration, you can smooth it on the same wireless network. However, it isn't as efficient as you might expect, and your security might be compromised.

Check out the steps to learn how to transfer files from Android to a USB flash drive without OTG by using AirDroid:

  • Install AirDroid on your phone and give the permissions after running it.
  • Ensure your phone and the computer are within the same network.
  • Go to the AirDroid Web, and it'll show you a page with an IP address.
  • transfer files from android to usb flash drive via airdroid

  • Enter the address on your PC's browser, and follow the prompt to give permission to the AirDroid.
  • Tap "Files" to copy files to your PC when a page with many options appears.
  • You will now find the "Upload file" and "Upload Folder".
  • Insert the USB flash drive to your PC, and right-click a file or folder.
  • Download the files, and it will show you the "zip" option.

Round Off

The above are five simple ways to complete the transfer from an Android phone to a USB flash drive. Although some of them seem simple, users might face improper connection, limited data types supported, or transmission failure. Basically, these will not occur when you pick MobiKin Assistant for Android. In addition to completing the data migration for the most important items on the phone, it is also a rare Android file manager and an expert in a backup of your smartphone.

android assistant for win android assistant for mac

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