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appreciated the option to selectively copy specific file types.


Decent, but I would appreciate a slightly more sophisticated interface.


I attempted to restore the complete backup from the cloud, but the process was unsuccessful. Luckily, I managed to use this tool effectively to directly transfer the content instead.


I attempted to restore the complete backup from the cloud, but the process was unsuccessful. Luckily, I managed to use this tool effectively to directly transfer the content instead.


Transitioning to a new T-Mobile phone posed a challenge for me in terms of transferring contacts, but fortunately, I came across Mobikin.


As depicted, this tool ensured that all my docs were safely transferred from my sony to my ipad.



As a Mac user, I have often struggled to find efficient and reliable software for transferring data from my old phone to my new device. MobiKin Transfer for Mobile not only met my expectations but exceeded them in every way possible.


I didn't want to go through the hassle of switching SIM cards, and this software made that worry disappear. The whole job was straightforward, and I didn't experience any confusion along the way.


The software maintained the integrity of my data during the transfer. None of my files were corrupted, and everything arrived intact on my new device. This reliability gave me peace of mind throughout the process.


Overall, satisfied! My only uncertainty lies in whether my Mac computer is being actively maintained and updated, which could potentially lead to the transmission speed that's not as fast as I had imagined.


I was stuck when I realized that my iOS content couldn't be copied directly using the QUICK START feature on my iPhones. However, this software extended a helping hand!!


MobiKin Transfer for Mobile exceeded my expectations. Effortlessly moved data between devices. Intuitive interface and smooth process. Vital for efficient data transfer.


Kudos to MobiKin Transfer (Mac)! It's become an essential tool in my tech arsenal. When it came to switching Galaxy phones for me and my family, its accuracy in transferring contacts, SMS, and media has made our upgrades stress-free.

Sophia Zeloso

Overall, it was satisfactory, probably in part because I have a Mac that is not running smoothly, but the program still completed the transfer from my old iPhone to my new one.


MobiKin Transfer for Mobile is a remarkable tool for effortless data transfer between mobile devices. Its user-friendly interface and reliable performance make it an ideal choice for smooth and efficient data migration. Highly recommended for those seeking a reliable solution to simplify their data transfers!


I'm not tech-savvy. Thanks to MobiKin Transfer for Mobile (Mac), I effortlessly migrated all my contacts to my iPhone 14 Pro Mac from my old Moto in no time.

Mikea Hunt

I was amazed by how easily MobiKin made the transfer process. It moved my iPhone files to my Samsung Galaxy S21 quickly in just a few steps, including contacts, photos, messages, and more.

Liam UU

Impressed with MobiKin Transfer for Mobile. It flawlessly and quickly transferred my photos, videos, contacts, and more from my old Google Pixel to my new Galaxy S22 on macOS.


It's a practical program.I encountered difficulty migrating my full files from iPhone to new OnePlus. It took less than 40 minutes to solve the problem,quickly and efficiently.For myself,I am very satisfied.


Really works well.It helps me transfer contacts from Samsung to iPhone efficiently.

Ethan Jakson

Today I tried to use it to transfer photo from my Samsung Galaxy phone to the new Huawei Honor 6X. Its its performance was good.


doesn't support iPhone.


This is the amazing software I have seen! Can you imagine that files are transfer between iPhone and Android so easily!


With the software, I am able to transfer files between my two smart phones freely and quickly. What's more, I can also use the software to back up files from my mobile phone to the computer!


The software offers much convenice to me. Now I can transfer various files between different smart phones easily and quickly!


It did work well. I just use the software to transfer all the contacts and photos from my old Motorola phone to the new Samsung phone in a short time.


It did help me transfer contacts and other files from my Samsung to the new Samsung phone within several minutes! Good  jop!


The software not only can transfer files between smart phones but also can transfer files between my Samsung phones and computer.


I bought a lot of software of your brands and I think they are wonderful! The software are clean and easy to use. It also helps me transfer a lot files from one device to another.


The software is powerful. It can not only transfer files between my Samsung phone and Motorola freely but also transfer files from mobile phone to computer!


The software is really powerful! It helped me transfer files from my old Samsung phone to the new phone quuickly. Besides, I also used the software to transfer files from my smart phone to computer as a backup.


I did not expect the software  has so many powerful functions which really surprised me! It can function as transfer software, backup tool, recovery app at the same time. Yesterday I tried to use it to transfer files from old phone to the new one and its performance was good.

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