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BNP discriminate against Whites

The Mushroom 1 May 10

In many ways the General Election has failed to fire my interest. Maybe it’s because everyone’s message is so spun nowadays, maybe it’s because I made my mind up on who I am going to vote for sometime ago, but nothing that has been said by the three major parties so far is unexpected. Therefore, my level of interest has waned. That was until yesterday when I heard the BNP leader Nick Griffin on the radio.

At first, what this deeply racist man said just washed over me. His attempts to sound reasonable were predictable, just a fat man and his racist bile with his generalisations and evasion.

But asked by the interviewer about his polices he actually came up with some figures. He said a future BNP government would give grants of £50,000 per person to leave the country. Now the criteria of those people eligible for this money was defined as those who where not ‘Indigenous British’…

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