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Reading for Pleasure 

3 Mar 16

It’s World Book Day.

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Seven years? Feels like more! 

18 Feb 16

WordPress informs me with smooth technological efficiency that today is the seventh anniversary of me beginning this blog.

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On speaking truth to funny looking people 

10 Feb 16

I completely defend free speech.

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A song for Walsall? Fog on the Tame… 

2 Feb 16

I saw a diagram this morning of some exclusion zones in the Black Country…

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Happy Haggis Day 

25 Jan 16

Burns’ Night.

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Why should the Presbyterians have all the good music? 

24 Jan 16

It’s been a while since I wrote about Christian music, but something this morning really made me pause and think.

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Writing about Games, Writing Games to Write About 

23 Jan 16

I love the description of the game, the rubric, and the fact it features in a related work of fiction.

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True Gritters 

17 Jan 16

Last year, Walsall Council advertised for Snow Champions.

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Apprenticeship wages, and the missing million 

10 Jan 16

I usually refrain from this kind of thing, so if you want to pass it by, feel free.

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WAUG survey. Important Opportunity to get involved. 

10 Jan 16

Regular readers (if there are any!) will know I have been going to Parkrun at Walsall Arboretum for a few years.

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Pushing the Envelope 

1 Jan 16

After the relative success of No Dice, it seemed the right time to admit I’d already been working on an expansion deck.

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Setting things up for the new year 

29 Dec 15

[Obligatory egocentric end of year post.

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Chip off the old block 

12 Dec 15

This evening the Doorknobs played another charitable gig in aid of the Aldridge Church Centre building fund, and St James’ Church Mere Green.

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Urgent Request – Streetly Christmas Market 

2 Dec 15

If you can help, please get in touch with me and I’ll forward your details to Gemma.

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Ales Beers and Carols 2015 

29 Nov 15

It’s the time of year when I print out a hundred carol sheets with amusing typographical errors and head out to bring cheer and goodwill to people who drink beer.

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Battling my Nemesis – The Alternator 

23 Nov 15

This evening has seen the latest episode int he soap opera that is my serial ownership of cars.

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Holidays are here. (Buy my game) 

19 Nov 15

As a marketing strategy, this doesn’t really cut it, but I’m not Warburtons or John Lewis, (or The Poke) so this is as good as it’s likely to get I’m afraid.

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I object 

16 Nov 15

Recent events worldwide have brought many people to social media to reflect, share and be part of a virtual support network.

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Play the Game 

26 Sep 15

It’s got danger on the roll of a die, blind chance, gods, monsters, fate, and all the wingèd horses you could throw a helmet of darkness at.

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Bostin! Getting on my bike 

26 Sep 15

It’s part of a scheme that includes training through Bike Right.

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No Dice funding under way 

31 Aug 15

We’re doing much better than I had expected but have a fair way to go.

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New Hall Mill – A Grand Day Out 

31 Aug 15

On the advice of Brownhills Bob I took the tribe to see New Hall Mill this morning.

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Blind Spots when Parking 

16 Aug 15

You qualify for at least a slow hand clap.

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Best Laid Plans 

14 Aug 15

So I’m not cycling across the country.

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On hitting milestones. 

13 Aug 15

The weekend of the Coast to Coast has arrived.

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Where’s tha’ bin? 

12 Aug 15

The survey is included in their new website www.

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12 Aug 15

After only three days, the No Dice Kickstarter has reached £371 of the thousand needed to fully fund it.

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No Dice is live! 

9 Aug 15

No Dice is finally live on Kickstarter.

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Around and around, up and down. 

8 Aug 15

I am to cycling what Bradley Wiggins is to eating pizza and drinking ale.

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On the road again with Dischord 

6 Aug 15

Just a quick post to highlight Dischord’s next gig.

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The importance of being useful 

28 Jul 15

The Revered W Awdry is largely unregarded as an author except in one very specific regard.

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1 Walsall Poem 

27 Jul 15

100 Walsall Poems is now live, and has been for a little while.

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New Dice – a whole new game 

26 Jul 15

It’s easy to learn and easy to play and my sons are already beating me at it.

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A week of achievements 

12 Jul 15

In the last ten days, I’ve had a run of extremely positive moments.

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Squeaking your Language 

29 Jun 15

I survived panto.

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Finnish on a song 

24 Jun 15

Pantomime! Even when it’s all laid out in front of you, it’s behind you…

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Slowly around Shenstone 

22 Jun 15

This Sunday, following last week’s hard slog around Aldridge 10K, I’d already lined up further torture in the shape of Shenstone Fun Run.

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Pushing my Luck 

15 Jun 15

I tackled the Aldridge 10K again this weekend, and much to my disappointment I was actually slower than last year.

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Big Ears 

7 May 15

Huge tea plate sized mirrors on both doors now give me expansive vistas of where I’ve come from.

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Use your vote to Protest. Vote… Tory? 

1 Apr 15

It’s been over a month since my last post, because things have been rather busy.

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3 hours 51 minutes 11 seconds 

14 Feb 15

3 hours 51 minutes 11 seconds Today I completed my first half marathon.

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Training Hard 

8 Feb 15

Out this afternoon with one of the boys and we spotted some serious training action on the railway by Tesco in Walsall.

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Giving it a Tri 

6 Feb 15

Walsall’s Slowest Triathlete is back in the saddle.

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Snow Champions Needed 

20 Jan 15

I’m a Snow Champion.

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Gamification of Fitness 

2 Jan 15

The people at Strava really know their target audience.

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Check your change and receipt 

1 Jan 15

After a big shop today we loaded up the car and came home with a very expensive shop.

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Fifteen words for Fifteen 

1 Jan 15

That’s not a lot of words.

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Now you see them, but they’re not there. 

31 Dec 14

Even when you’re in possession of the full facts your eyes tell you a different story.

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Less than a week to go! Ales Beers and Carols 2014 

10 Dec 14

Originally posted on Ales Beers and Carols : Our first Ales Beers and Carols of 2014 is this Sunday afternoon at The Bowman.

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Bed, knobs and bicycles. 

16 Nov 14

This weekend has seen three watershed moments slip by.

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