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Theresa May’s Voting IN and Out 

26 Apr 16

We now have three EU sides to your Referendum Vote we have the “OUT” group who want to retain self rule, we have the disgusting “ IN” group who want to hand Britain on a plate to the Europeans and now we have Theresa May’s “I’m voting in, …

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Do as Europe tells you or else you will suffer threat 

17 Apr 16

The whole UK now knows what these Europeans are really like they are SICK , we’ve had threats from the French President followed by more threats from the French foreign minister with a smirking Mr Cameron close by The good folk of Great Britain need …

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Cameron’s little Book of Lies 

11 Apr 16

I cant understand how anyone with their eyes open can believe there is a single downside to leaving the EU, every indicator from financial, employment, economic, even safety of our sovereign state from extremists, shows EXIT is the only option for …

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Tory foreign Aid Joke 

3 Apr 16

While tens of 1000’s steel jobs are in jeopardy, this disgrace of a Tory Government sneak out late on Friday that Britain overspent on it foreign Aid by £172 Million, this is enough to keep our steel plants running for years on reduced output …

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New Zealand Votes To Keep The Old Flag 

24 Mar 16

Following a vote to change the national flag of New Zealand, our old commonwealth cousins have decided to retain their flag with a Union jack in the corner, giving rise to comments New Zealanders are more patriotic than British Prime Minister Cameron.

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The Germans Mock BREXIT 

16 Mar 16

The German TV channel ZDF consider it hilarious to mock Britain in what is supposed to be a comedy programme The main problem is the TV programme associates the British as backward race of people stuck on an island in the North Sea with ugly women, …

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Cameron’s Project Fear doesn’t Work 

3 Mar 16

Cameron lyingly, tells us if we leave the EU we will have no trading partners, he’s forgot to tell you we will only have the “Whole world”, yes Cameron’s use of project fear shows the despicable depths this discredited prime minister will go to get …

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Cameron uses Top civil servants to CON you 

23 Feb 16

Watch the video below, Nadine Dorries Questioned the Prime minister about a supposed list of FT 100 companies that “want to stay inside the EU,.

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The Faster we get out the better 

17 Feb 16

As Austria announces its the latest European country to place restrictions on its boarders without their Prime Minister running around like a fool asking for German approval, its good to know British politicians have consistently lied all the way …

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The Conservative Party Needs a New Leader 

8 Feb 16

The cartoon above by Mac from the Daily Mail says it all, good Conservatives of this land need to ask themselves a simple question , Can you trust this Prime Minister to get the best EU deal for us the British, after he told his MP’s to IGNORE the …

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Cameron’s sold a pup 

2 Feb 16

Following Cameron’s return with his prize “Pig in a poke”, the good people of this nation will soon have the most important vote for over 40 years, forget previous general elections where if you vote Tory you get EU and if you vote Labour you get…

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Cameron Cons the Conservatives 

17 Jan 16

While the good folk of this country start to see through the current despicable leadership controlling the Conservative party, silencing cabinet and party members alike, its is good to see that real Conservatives are lining up irrespective of party …

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Toyota pledges to stay in UK even if our country takes Brexit 

12 Jan 16

To the annoyance of the Tory leadership, Toyota becomes the latest company to say they are backing Britain and staying in the UK if we vote to leave Europe, its also becoming plainly obvious Cameron the current leader of the Conservative party doesn’…

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Floods and Lies will end in Tears 

29 Dec 15

As the good people of Cumbria mop up the water its good to look back at the causes of this disaster as within minutes the Government was jumping on our old favorite climate change, This is a perfect cover story to hide that this government under …

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Is it Silent Night or Tory EU Vote Gagging? 

21 Dec 15

During this time of Christian giving, Conservative MP’s and Councillors could be taking the carol “Silent Night” too literally by remaining silent and not very giving about their views on the EU.

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Cameron’s a Farse 

18 Dec 15

Yes had you there, I do know there is no “F” in the word, Cameron went to Europe full of fighting talk waving his battle flag, a white lion rampant on a white background for all to see and laugh at and laugh they did.

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Has Cameron just destroyed the Tory Party? 

10 Nov 15

Go on , is there anyone out there that actually believes Cameron seriously renegotiated these issues, I can only imagine the other European leaders are ill with belly laughter following Cameron’s disastrous and and somewhat dangerous plan, it was …

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Dirty Party tricks 

8 Nov 15

The EU referendum gets forever closer and the Tory Party tricks get worse, starting with a shocking attempt to change purdah laws, which would have allowed our British government to use our tax money to tell you via TV advertisements how to be good …

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Does anyone really believe Cameron wants a EU exit? 

5 Oct 15

Please don’t make me laugh, the Prime Minister is pretending he wants to leave but as always its a political con, just like the 1970’s when lies and deceit were used to get a Yes vote.

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A Rabbit in the Headlights 

15 Sep 15

As an old Tory I find Corbyn’s press silence a wonderful political tactic, he’s got Cameron stuck, like a rabbit mesmerised by a cars headlights Cameron just cant move.

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Greek Exodus 

25 Jul 15

Yes the Greeks are making a big exodus, but not from the EU , they are planning to leave Greece.

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Why you should vote NO 

23 Jun 15

We are now entering a period that will be full of lies and deceit, as we enter start of the longest election campaign some of you have ever seen, the EU referendum.

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Sandwell EU Referendum 

30 May 15

Finally there is talk about a EU Referendum, and a section was added in the Queens speech, but don’t count your chickens.

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Quiz James Morris MP in Cradley Heath 

4 Nov 14

You have a chance to quiz your local MP James Morris at a special event in Cradley Heath .

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High Court overturns Sandwell council tax rules 

5 Aug 14

Yes your caring Sandwell Labour council prevented 3,600 from claiming a council tax reduction Quote If Sandwell council had given any thought to this policy, or held a consultation it might have realised this earlier.

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Les Jones, Conservative Candidate for the PCC 

25 Jul 14

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate I’m so pleased to hear a good old Conservative stalwart Les has been selected to be the Conservative party ‘scandidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner.

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Sandwell Councillors HIDE from Forums 

18 Jul 14

If you really want to contact a Sandwell councillor you firstly have to spend £500 on a computer £120 on an internet contract, then go to night school to learn how to use it The alternative is use you phone credit waiting ages to get a call centre.

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Red Ed wants a chat with Obama 

13 Jul 14

So Ed Miliband is pushing for a meeting to be arranged between him and President Obama at the White House, the funny thing is a Millionaire son of a Marxist want to talk to the leader of the western world ? I wonder if Obama thinks Red Ed is a …

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Will Miliband Go? 

23 Jun 14

Labour please don’t sack Red Ed keep him till after the election as regular readers know I have not hidden my views about Miliband’s incompetence, but Labour are sword rattling again This time against their own leader, with senior Labour MP’s passing…

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Red Ed’s Popularity Drops Lower Than Clegg 

17 Jun 14

Red Eds not having a good week the latest Guardian ICM satisfaction poll show Ed has slipped down to -39 his lowest polling ever, much lower than even Clegg who’s at -37 meanwhile Osborne’s rating goes up to +6.

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Labour’s Failing Your Children 

5 Jun 14

Yes both in Sandwell and Dudley the number of schools failing to reach Ofsted targets is shockingly low The national benchmark is 72 per cent rated good or outstanding, yet only 54 per cent of schools in Sandwell hit the target and Dudley is even …

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Labour’s Anti Business Approach 

28 May 14

Sandwell is a big borough from the tip of the Merry Hill Centre to Great Barr and from the Hagley Road to almost Darlaston but one thing is common closed shops and unemployment, Is Labours Anti Business approach damaging Jobs by you? An empty West …

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Millionaire Red Ed has a Cost of Living Crisis 

20 May 14

Red Ed was stuck in a time warp today, when asked how much the average grocery bill was he hadn’t a clue, when asked how much he himself spends on the weekly grocery bill he answered £70 , put simply for as leader who keeps moaning about the cost …

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Labour’s Dirty Smear Campaign 

16 May 14

You can tell when it gets close to election time simply by what Labour release, apparently Labour have problems with a Conservative leaflet, I feel its a distraction for the failings of their leader Mr Miliband who’s last election broadcast said, …

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Ed Balls Investigation 

11 May 14

Following a police investigation Labour’s shadow chancellor says he will accept points on his driving licence after his car reversed into a Peugeot car and drove off without telling the owner, the collision was caught on CCTV and Mr Balls’ cars …

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With Labour you Pay more and get Less 

5 May 14

We all know of Labour’s incompetence with money but the simple reality is Conservative controlled councils cost people on average, £89 a year less than Labour controlled councils and you get more for your money.

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Mary Docker 

29 Apr 14

Mary Docker a former Sandwell Conservative councillor for Blackheath ward sadly missed by all Respect…

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Letter to Gordon Brown, we’ve repaired your mess 

11 Apr 14

While the sun shines in Blackheath the chancellor deserves to have a cheeky smile, after the two Ed’s gloom and doom show, the country is now racing away with growth, just has Osborne said it would, creating real jobs and housing.

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Red Eds like Sandwell,Internationally Famous for Mistakes 

9 Apr 14

Red Ed came to Birmingham today and opened his mouth, but about the same time really serious and important good news was released from the IMF.

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Blackheath Conservatives helping you get a job 

6 Apr 14

Blackheath really matters to us, after years of Labour’s failed policies leading to companies and high street shops closing, with rising Adult and youth unemployment we Conservatives are helping you get a job.

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Same old Labour 

1 Apr 14

Labour have wrecked the economy more than once, and now they want to do it all over again with more spending, more borrowing and more taxes.

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