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‘Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans’ – John Lennon 

16 Jun 16

Having recently changed jobs and moved house I feel like life is generally one step ahead of me at the moment.

I want to work in a diverse team. Do you? 

27 May 16

Last year I walked through Lozells on the march by Black officers at the National Black Police Association Conference.

People, the PCC and Priorities 

18 May 16

In the last three weeks I got to speak personally to 2,600 of you!
Thank you so much for booking and coming along to the WMP2020 Live events.

Big changes, WMP2020 Live and the People Deal 

8 Apr 16

This week is a summary blog.

Guest blog by DCC Louisa Rolfe: “Oooh! That’s a big job” 

24 Mar 16

Deputy Chief Constable Louisa Rolfe
Oooh! That’s a big job
This has been the consistent reaction from everyone I’ve told about my move to West Midlands Police.

Guest blog by Chief Superintendent Andrew Nicholson: “I’m from Professional Standards – I’m here to help” 

17 Mar 16

Why do people laugh when I say this or when my staff say this?  Why does nobody believe us?  Well it’s because we’re out to get you – aren’t we??
Chief Superintendent Andrew Nicholson
Actually, no we are not.

Introducing the People Deal 

8 Mar 16

So after my short break on the blog some updates for you on what is happening.

Guest blog by David Wilkin: £20 million a year salary – and an afternoon nap? 

25 Feb 16

Can you imagine having a job that pays you £20m per year and your boss wants you to go to sleep in the middle of the day? Before you get too excited, that is not the new People Deal for West Midlands Police which I’ll come on to later, but …

Modernisation continues as our staff take centre stage 

5 Feb 16

Last week I set out my vision for the force in a speech to senior leaders at Tally Ho.

Modernisation continues as our staff take centre stage 

5 Feb 16

Last week I set out my vision for the force in a speech to senior leaders at Tally Ho.

Our Vision, Values and Ambition 

28 Jan 16

You can read this article I wrote for Police Professional based on the keynote speech I made to senior leaders within the force on Thursday 28 January.

My first week as Chief 

15 Jan 16

So after what seems a long wait from getting the post, Saturday saw me take over the reins as Chief Constable.

Guest blog by ACC Michele Larmour: My first six months 

21 Dec 15

Having completed my first six months as ACC in WMP, I want to share some observations with you.

Police Funding 

14 Dec 15

This is a short blog to address the uncertainty concerning funding.

How Paris has changed our world 

20 Nov 15

On the 11th September 2001 I was a superintendent in East Manchester.

Difficult time for all our staff 

11 Nov 15

After a short break covered by ACC Foulkes I thought it may perhaps be helpful this week to jump back in before the next blog by the team as there has been so much coverage of cuts.

Command Team Takeover – ACC Foulkes 

12 Oct 15

In the first of a series of guest posts, fellow command team member ACC Carl Foulkes has taken over the reins of DCC Thompson’s blog as he talks about the role he plays in WMP 2020, his wider portfolio and the tragic death of PC David Phillips…

Preferred Candidate for Chief Constable 

24 Sep 15

I have not written a blog for a few weeks due to my leave and, of course, a pending interview I had.

West Midands Police in the press : Officers in Spain and wanted offenders 

14 Aug 15

This week West Midlands Police has been consistently in the news.

DCC’s blog: Police finances and misconduct hearings 

4 Aug 15

Last week was dominated by the discussions the Chief Constable had with Police Community Support Officers.

Learning to adapt and respond 

3 Jul 15

National Issues
There has been a little gap since the last blog.

It’s going to be emotional 

26 May 15

I am going to have a break from the operating model.

Gearing up to prevent 

8 May 15

This week I want to discuss my views on the second limb of the blueprint; Geared to Prevent harm.


22 Apr 15

In the last few weeks the Chief has been running a series of road shows on the WMP2020 blueprint.

Pride in the Force 

7 Apr 15

I am very proud to be a West Midlands Police officer.

WMP2020, the future of the force and public satisfaction 

12 Mar 15

I have not written a blog for ages.

Staff security, WMP2020 and doing the right thing 

28 Jan 15

An awful lot has been going on since I last wrote a blog.

“Let it go, let it go”: Mergers and decentralisation of government 

23 Dec 14

My kids are too old for the cartoon “Frozen” but the song “Let it Go!” booms out everywhere.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

18 Dec 14

Can I start by wishing everyone a very merry and peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

What does a Deputy Chief Constable do? 

26 Nov 14

I did one of these a few years ago so here is a snapshot of two weeks in November so you get a feel of what I do!
3rd November – 7th November.

CSE, inspections and WMP2020 

7 Nov 14

Last week saw more coverage on child sexual exploitation.

Pelkin and reasserting our ambition 

10 Oct 14

Can I start off by offering my thanks for the great work on Operation Pelkin – the Conservative Conference? It is a large and complex operation and it was really great to see how well this has been organised and executed.

A thank you, the PPU, our new TV slot and HMIC 

10 Sep 14

I want to start this week with a big thank you.

Lessons in legitimacy from the across the pond 

26 Aug 14

Before I start the blog I would like to welcome David Jamieson as our new PCC.

Our partnership with Accenture and force mergers 

25 Jul 14

Two related topics this week.

A challenging week in the West Midlands 

4 Jul 14

I have a few topics to cover this week and will end this with comments concerning Bob Jones CBE, but wish to start with issues that have impacted upon the public.

Shifting our approach to tackling violence 

19 Jun 14

This week serious stuff but first… Last week I did the Chester Step test.

Change: Service Transformation and the Police Federation speech 

28 May 14

Before I start I opened the Twitter Manual last week and I am now @DccDaveThompson if you want to follow.

Stop Search and the Code of Ethics 

19 May 14

The best place to start this conversation is to just sit back a moment and reflect that if you are a police officer what enormous power you have and by extension the whole organisation has.

So I am back! 

6 May 14

In November I stepped out of my day job to go and work full time on the IIP procurement (more about what that involved in a moment).

Inspiring work 

8 Nov 13

This is my final blog until I return back into this role in the next financial year.

Home Affairs Select Committee Report into Leadership and Standards in the police follow up and the investigation into actions of Police Federation representatives at Andrew Mitchell MP’s constituency office 

6 Nov 13

Over the last few weeks you will have watched events around the West Mercia Police investigation into federation representatives play out in the Home Affairs Select Committee and the media.

A week in the life, challenging policies and gun crime 

23 Oct 13

Last Wednesday the Force Tasking Meeting looked at a piece of work called “Week in the Life”.

Call centre visit, the new National Crime Agency and accidental damage 

11 Oct 13

Last week I spent a couple of hours in the 999 call centre at Bournville Lane with a call taker.

Staff survey results, superdiversity and Operation No Deal 

3 Oct 13

In September, we released details of our latest staff survey.

Stop and search US-style, safeguarding and Peaky Blinders 

12 Sep 13

Last week I came back to work from leave.

Trolls, twitter and a challenging July! 

15 Aug 13

I have not written a blog for a few weeks so there is a bit crammed in here.

The EDL demonstration, terrorism and reduction in crime 

25 Jul 13

Last week was unquestionably one of the most challenging weeks I have seen in my police career, and ultimately one of the most rewarding.

Tackling the slight upturn in crime and the vital role of undercover policing 

11 Jul 13

I haven’t mentioned crime levels for a bit have I? You may think I have gone quiet as for the first time in a long while we are seeing an upturn in total crime by 2%, (YTD since April).

Accountability: Checks and Balances 

5 Jul 13

Two stories in the last month underpin this blog.

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