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Next Stop . . . Bristol, England! 

12 Jan 14

Time waits for no one, so I extended my trip to Bath with an afternoon in Bristol.

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Bath Spa – Welcome To Roman Britain 

11 Jan 14

Bath Spa, a small city located in Somerset, England happened to be the location of my latest adventure.

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Destination: Manchester 

7 Jan 14

Hello 2014! Leaving 2013 behind me I embarked on my first trip of the year to Manchester.

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2013: The Story So Far . . . 

31 Dec 13

2013 has passed us by and I have to say that it was a good one.

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Once Upon A Christmas 

29 Dec 13

It’s no secret that Christmas changes for us as we grow up but I still want to have a memorable day each year.

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Bilston Town: Where Dreams Are Made . . . 

28 Dec 13

Bilston Town, is it really a place where dreams are made? Bilston may be a concrete jungle but it’s a town that always gives me that ‘Empire State of Mind!’ Bilston happens to be my hometown, as I live between Bilo and Brum I would like to think I …

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Holiday! Let’s Celebrate! 

19 Dec 13

Holiday! Let’s take some time to celebrate! Have you ever planned a holiday around a political movement? In today’s world it’s becoming hard to be who we truly are, so our travel choices surely shouldn’t suffer? From the Berlin wall, to the …

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Aston Villa FC: Match Of The Day 

18 Dec 13

I have been so busy recently, well from a university perspective so me and my friend Kelly decided to book some tickets for the football on a whim to The Villa for an afternoon at the football.

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas! 

17 Dec 13

Birmingham, its beginning to look at lot like Christmas! This time last for me I experienced the glamour of New York City’s festive charms but this year I have been loving Birmingham’s festive Christmas delights to the fullest! From the Centenary …

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Bournville … It’s Sweet Like Chocolate! 

12 Dec 13

Do you now a place that’s ‘Sweet Like Chocolate?’Me and my friend Kelly both made a sweet escape from Birmingham’s bustling city centre to experience the city’s confectionery wonder! Stressed out by our current load of university assignments and …

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Half Time Whistle 

7 Dec 13

Where do I begin? The last twelve weeks have been crazy! I seriously underestimated the complexity of final year! But I know that the Christmas holidays are just around the corner, so things will be fine has the ‘Half TimeWhistle’ sounds for this …

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Life’s a Cabaret! 

1 Dec 13

I love a good musical so it was a great surprise to be seeing Cabaret at Wolverhampton’s Grand Theatre for my 23rd Birthday present! Wednesday 27th November 2013 arrived, I couldn’t wait to see the show as I had visions of LizaMinnelli sing ‘Mein …

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Sud-Ouest France: Vins, Culture et Campagne 

24 Nov 13

Bonjour! Comment ça va? France is a country that is ripe for the picking and that’s just the vineyards! I have been to France many times but it’s always the South-West region of the Charente-Maritime commune that I visit.

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Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market 

19 Nov 13

Birmingham has donned its best Christmas lights once again, bringing the city streets back to its sparkling festive glory.

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Chester: Rivers, Cathedrals and Clock Towers 

18 Nov 13

I’m like a gypsy who moves from place to place, firstly Liverpool and then down to Chester! I never knew that Merseyrail’s Wirral line terminated at Chester, making my way to Chester was effortless as James Street station offered me a direct route …

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It’s Liverpool . . . 

17 Nov 13

Have you ever been to the right side Mersey River? I suggest Liverpool for a city break that’s simply a dream! Let’s leave the Port of Liverpool and the Albert Docks for afters because this Scouse city has some hidden treasures that do more than …

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Birmingham’s … Retro Cool, Fierce Fashion and Street Realness! 

8 Nov 13

Here we are in November of 2013, this year has flown past just like a furious tornado! Birmingham has been my base for the remainder of this year, I have seen this city change so much over the last eleven months! I’m thrilled to say that Birmingham …

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Chinatown – Birmingham’s Oriental Heart 

4 Nov 13

Birmingham has recently been blessed with a front of heavy rain, which has made doing anything pleasant somewhat challenging.

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España: Te Amo .. Y .. Estoy Contigo! 

28 Oct 13

Are you craving for the warmer climate of Europe’sMediterranean? Are you already thinking of your Summer holidays for next year? I suggest Spain, but not the usual haunts that attract the mass market holidaymakers! I had the chance to visit the …

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Birmingham: More Canals Than Venice? 

19 Oct 13

Birmingham has meant a lot of studying for me recently, so I wanted to be productive and get some work done in order for me to enjoy the city for an afternoon.

Blog feature
Child’s Play: Destined To Be Fabulous! 

16 Oct 13

Who we are as children can shape the person we grow up to be, I believe that my childhood was fabulous! Correction, I was destined to be fabulous! From my diva demands to my Spice Girl loving early days I certainly wasn’t a Wannabe because I shall …

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The Waiting Room 

14 Oct 13

Life is a funny thing, at this current time I feel like I’m a in a waiting room not exactly waiting for anything but for my degree to be completed.

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International Love … Friendships From A Far 

8 Oct 13

When I was younger friends were not really my thing but as my young adult life has progressed I have been veryfortunate in that department.

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The Balti Triangle, Birmingham 

26 Sep 13

I’m a fan of South Asian cuisine but I’ve never really been adventurous enough to breakaway from a mild Chicken Korma dish.

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Those September Days . . . 

24 Sep 13

September has already been a month full of excitement and changes, looking back what have I actually accomplished? What things do I still want to seek? From the Lowlands of Amsterdam to moving back to Birmingham, did I forget anything? I’m awaiting …

Blog feature
Back To Birmingham! 

21 Sep 13

It’s that time of year again! Back to Birmingham for my final year of my university degree.

Blog feature
Spotted: Wolverhampton 

16 Sep 13

We’ve all got places that we can associate with, maybe if we’ve been to college there or just happen to call home, I call Wolverhampton a place for both predicaments.

Blog feature
Amsterdam – Canals, Coffee Shops and Bicycles 

11 Sep 13

Time waits for no one, so it’s time for another adventure! This time last week myself and my younger brother were preparing to jet off to Amsterdam.

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It’s A Man’s World – The Turkish Life 

3 Sep 13

Us men of the world all do things differently, whether we spend our time with our friends or prefer to get a cosmetic treatment.

Blog feature
Manolya Apart Hotel: Flower Of Çalış Beach 

1 Sep 13

Looking for a holiday with a difference? Do you appreciate fine furnishings and rich Mediterranean cuisine? If all of those things appeal to you then Manolya Apart Hotelwill be a winner for you! Manolya, meaning magnolia sets the perfect fragrance to…

Blog feature
Kayakoy: The Ghost Village 

23 Aug 13

Kayaköy, a forgotten village located just four miles away from Fethiye holds many secrets.

Blog feature
Muzzy’s Place: Kayaköy, Turkey 

21 Aug 13

Muzzy’s Place, a friendly oasis of calm in the village of Kayak öy, Turkey.

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Çalış Beach Welcomes You 

19 Aug 13

Çalış Beach, an endearing seaside resort that isn’t merely just a simple holiday town as there’s something quite special about this place.

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Benim Tatlı Fethiye 

18 Aug 13

My sweet Fethiye, a small city located in the province of Mugla.

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Our Turkish Jeep Safari !!! 

16 Aug 13

My Turkish holiday this year has been one pure adventure, from my Istanbul trip to my shameless Hisarönü weekend, its been non-stop! Last Monday saw me embark on my eleventh or so Jeep Safari, a trip that I know very well! Let’s see if I saw any …

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Çalış Sunday Market 

16 Aug 13

Çalış is known for its Sunday market, a centre of activity for locals and tourists alike.

Blog feature
A Place Called Onur Sitesi 

12 Aug 13

People like different things, like holidays we all have differing tastes.

Blog feature
Somewhere Over The Mountain 

12 Aug 13

Fresh from my Istanbul adventure it was time to keep on moving, I wanted to relax after for at least one day after my full-packed trip to Turkey’s Cultural Capital City.

Blog feature
48 Hours In Istanbul 

10 Aug 13

There’s Paris, London and New York City but what’s the deal with Istanbul? How can one city span two continents? I know Paris has the Eiffel Tower, but Istanbul has the Hagia Sophia! Let’s keep things fair because like people cities are all …

Blog feature
Çalış Boat Trip . . . Set Sail Today! 

7 Aug 13

The Turquoise Coast of Turkey has got to be one of the most beautiful places I have travelled to, its truly idyllic! Taking a Çalış Boat Trip is one of the best ways to be at one with thecrystalblue sea, I’m not saying this for my health its the …

Blog feature
Türk Hava Yolları . . . BHX-DLM 

7 Aug 13

I have been extremely excited about going to Turkey this year as I have not been for almost three years, so this year had an extra bonus because I would be flying with Turkish Airlines from Birmingham Airport to Dalaman Airport via Istanbul’s Ataturk…

Blog feature
Child’s Play: Television From My Childhood 

22 Jul 13

Were you a child of the 1990′s? Well, I was born in November of 1990 so I’m definitely a 90′s kid.

Blog feature
Confessions Of A Fresher 

20 Jul 13

It’s been a long journey that’s not quite over yet, but I can’t believe its almost three years since my first Freshers! Since that crazy period of time life has not been the same, I suppose everything happens for a reason? Anyhow, let’s play the ring…

Blog feature
From D.C To Boston . . . 

18 Jul 13

Let’s get back to the USA! It’s been almost seven months since I have been back from America, even though I’ve been busy travelling around Europe I have missed state hopping along America’s Northeast coast.

Blog feature
Monarch Airlines – From Bordeaux, Barcelona and Beyond! 

15 Jul 13

Since May I have stayed loyal to one airline, an airline that offers a wide range of destinations from my local airport and faultless customer service! Can you guess what airline that I am referring to? Monarch Airlines has been my carrier of choice …

Blog feature
Sitges: Queen Of The Seaside! 

13 Jul 13

No Spanish experience is complete without time spent on the beach, so here goes! I choose Sitges for my last two days of my Spanish summer trip, a fabulous choice that I would not regret making! Watch out for the rainbows as I present Sitges, a …

Blog feature
Tarragona’s Little Secret … 

13 Jul 13

Have you heard of Tarragona? Well, my Spanish crusade continued during the first week of July, desperately seeking a new adventure I chose Tarragona as my next target! It’s a damn good job I have a sense of direction because my journey from Barcelona…

Blog feature
Barcelona: El Cor De Catalunya 

12 Jul 13

Barcelona is a different Spain, it’s got a special feeling.

Blog feature
Barcelona: Ciutat De Gaudi 

10 Jul 13

Barcelona, the city of Gaudi? This Spanish city is home to three top landmarks that have been created by architect Antoni Gaudi.

Blog feature
Is Reality The Future Of Television? 

28 Jun 13

When will I be famous? Should I audition for a reality television show? Do I even have a shred of talent to get my name up in lights? Reality television has now become a way of life, so far its has given a thousand and one people their five minutes …

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