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It’s Not Much To Ask, Is It? 

25 Mar 14

Dear Blog,  I have something important to say.

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What Do You Use To Wash Away Soap? 

23 Mar 14

I love television.

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I’m Not A Black Country Boy Anymore 

22 Mar 14

Nostalgia, it’s a thing of the past isn’t it? Rose tinted glasses, everyday a sunny day and every time a happy time.

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Heights Won’t Kill You….The Ground Will 

16 Mar 14

I am terrified of heights.

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This Is A Local Country For Local People 

15 Mar 14

“This is a local shop for local people – there’s nothing for you here” – The League Of Gentlemen Ah…yes…but….

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Aww, Come On! 

14 Mar 14

Some things that happen can really yank my crank, shake my cage or grind my gears.

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Mrs Denbow’s Grand Design 

9 Mar 14

Dear Blog, I have been neglecting you recently, but I hope you realize that I do have a life away from you and the internet in general.

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I Hate Wearing Shoes 

26 Feb 14

What shall I tell you about? What sort of day I’ve had? Better not as instead of “spreading the love” I’ll be spreading the misery and probably make you feel like I do –  which lower than a snake’s belly.

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Nick Clegg’s Sonic Screwdriver 

23 Feb 14

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago but forgot all about it….

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You Never Get What You Really Want 

23 Feb 14

Some people have an addictive personality, easily becoming dependent on drugs or alcohol or even things like exercise.

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Did Ted Moult Ever Go To A Harvester? 

19 Feb 14

I was just thinking…..

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Katie And Me – Siblings From Different Moms? 

16 Feb 14

Browsing the World Wide Interweb I came across something that I found interesting.

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Is She Really Going Out With Him? – Bathsheba & Troy? 

13 Feb 14

I have an all consuming passion for foisting my opinions, which are based in part on nothing at all, on others via the medium of this blog.

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I Coulda’ Been A Contender 

11 Feb 14

Do you know what, I really shouldn’t write any personal stuff on this blog.

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The Hide And Seek World Champion 

9 Feb 14

I have watched Discovery Animal Planet’s programme Finding Bigfoot from the very beginning, the first episode back in 2011.

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Extreme Alligator Ice Car Duck American Swamp Storage Auction Pawn Bounty Hunters 

5 Feb 14

Whither American reality TV? Surely soon they will run out of nutters and social derelicts with no teeth, tattoos and way too much money to put on Cable TV.

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What Is NASA & The US Govt. Hiding? 

2 Feb 14

I like a bit of odd, unexplained, outlandish and far fetched things.

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The Gullibobometer 

1 Feb 14

I do think that basically people are easily led.

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Faux-Naif? I Just Know Ukip Has Got It Wrong 

25 Jan 14

In my life I have been called many things, some nice and some not so nice.

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Why Ukip Scares Me To Death 

20 Jan 14

According to the BBC website Ukip have now suspended David Silvester, whatever good that’ll do.

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David Silvester And His Invisible Friend 

18 Jan 14

If you are Christian or religious please be aware that I write this below not as an attack on Christianity, but as an attack on David Silvester UKIP councillor for Henley on Thames.

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What’s It All About? 

13 Jan 14

This is going to be my last blog post for some time, it may be days, weeks or months even.

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Mrs Denbow Was Wrong About Sherlock 

13 Jan 14

Another instalment of my ongoing jazz obsession arrived, this time in the shape of a 4 CD set of Tubby Hayes.

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Don’t Play The #Hashtag Game 

8 Jan 14

Twitter, please.

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I Need To Finish It To Find Out 

7 Jan 14

After my last two writings on my blog discussing my recently rekindled and re-ignighted love for most things jazz – the first one of 2014 being piss-takingly dreadful may I add – I feel that I must revert back to being “me” and …

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A Gentleman’s Day At Denbow Towers 

3 Jan 14

I’ve been looking forward to these post Christmas days for at least two weeks now.

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2013 In Review 

31 Dec 13

The WordPress.

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Mexican Pepper – A Jazz Odyssey 

29 Dec 13

When a lot of people think of jazz music, they think of the turgid tripe of Kenny Ball or the disturbingly named Acker Bilk.

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Egotistical Megalomania 

28 Dec 13

If you follow this blog, either by reading the email that lands in your inbox when something new is posted, or via the internet then you may have noticed that there has been nothing added to this site for quite a while – by my standards anyway.

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Point > Click > Kerching 

13 Dec 13

Cover of Sienna Red Oh aye, Christmas is fast approaching and I have a problem.

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Capricorn Crashes Into Aquarius 

9 Dec 13

It’s under three weeks to go before we all lurch haphazardly into 2014.

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Good Books, Bad Books & Jazz 

7 Dec 13

I read, quite a lot.

Who Killed JFK? 

3 Dec 13

As I mentioned in my last and other posts I have made over the last couple of years, I have spent more than a little time watching TV programmes and reading books and magazine articles about the JFK assassination in November 1963…

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JFK – The Sign of the Four 

26 Nov 13

It’s been 50 years since the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy the 35th President Of The United States Of America.

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Just For Jay – A Music Post 

15 Nov 13

I bought a new CD a couple of weeks ago.

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The Cult Of Personality 

12 Nov 13

I’m puzzled.

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Do I Want A Pint? No Thanks, I’m Driving…… 

9 Nov 13

This little post/article call it what you will, is all about me so if you’re not interested then……..

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3 Sides To Every Story 

2 Nov 13

Before I get going I just want to say that there may be the odd spelling error or missed or repeated word.

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Mobile Phones & Bilston Town FC 

28 Oct 13

I’ve now come to the conclusion that most of the world that spins around me is rubbish.

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My Newly Acquired Wealth 

20 Oct 13

I have recently discovered that by not doing something that I have been doing for years I will generate as if by magic a few quid to spend on myself so that I can indulge alternative avenues of pleasure.

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Welsh Dave Is A Child Of The Rarn 

6 Oct 13

I have a friend.

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I Really Irritate Myself Sometimes 

5 Oct 13

I’ve got some time off work coming up.

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Lucky Strike Cigarettes & A Matalan Trilby 

30 Sep 13

A consistent theme on this crappy ol’ self indulgent blog is about my writing.

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America – Land Of The Free 

28 Sep 13

Quotes from Team America World Police “NEWS REPORTER Team America has once again pissed off the entire world by blowing up half of Cairo” America, the United States Of America, the good old US Of A, the States, name that vast country what…

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Morons In High Office 

22 Sep 13

Right, got to say in this country we have a two (or more) tier society.

Blog feature
Well Done BlackBerry And iPhones Don’t Make You Cool 

22 Sep 13

So in the same week that Apple has launched two new phones and an OS upgrade, BlackBerry once the giant of mobile communications has announced it is planning to cut 4,500 jobs, or 40% of its worldwide workforce, in an attempt to staunch huge losses.

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The News! La La La! I Can’t Hear You! 

15 Sep 13

I’ve decided I’m not going to watch the news anymore or at least close my eyes and stick my fingers in my ears going “La la la! I can’t hear you!” until I think there’s a good chance that all of the evil stuff that’s reported has gone …

Blog feature
Fast Forwarding The Adverts To Stay Sane 

14 Sep 13

In this age of Sky+, TiVo, Netflix and such like, the days when we used to reserve a particular night to watch our favourite TV programme are long gone.

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Put On My Blue Suede Shoes 

13 Sep 13

I aspire to be Marc Cohn.

Blog feature
People On The Toilet 

11 Sep 13

According to the oracle that is Wikipedia a celebrity is – “A person, who has a prominent profile and commands some degree of public fascination and influence in day-to-day news media.

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