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Bristnall Hustings Tomorrow 

27 Apr 16

Mr Vaughan may have pulled “his” Tory candidate out but the hustings are on in Bristnall tomorrow (Thursday) night.

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Spellar Sh*tbaggery! 

21 Apr 16

How many times has this blog pointed out that Sandwell Labour’s hard-left, anti-business, anti-enterprise stance is disastrous for Sandwell (aka “Sadwell”).

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Bristnall Hustings and Round-Up 

19 Apr 16

PLEASE NOTE – the proposed Bristnall Hustings for tomorrow night has been put back until Thursday 28th April, 2016 at 6.30pm – Londonderry Baptist Church, Bristnall Hall Road.

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Muslim Community Let Down in Sandwell 

15 Apr 16

“There will never be a Paki Labour candidate in Bristnall.

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An Open Letter to Tom Watson MP 

11 Apr 16

Email: 11/04/16 to Tom Watson MP “You seem to have been rather quiet of late following your disgusting and merciless harassment of Leon Britton but I heard you mouthing off on the radio the other day about Cameron’s tax etc and demanding “…

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Two Letters to Mogadon Man 

11 Apr 16

If you ever want the pants bored off you, attend a Sandwell Council meeting when the new “acting” Leader [sic] Steve “Rotherham” Eling is soliloquising on the shitty state of “Sadwell” after 40 years of Labour failure.

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Jan Britton’s Tipton Teaser! 

5 Apr 16

There must be an innocent explanation for what follows but the Sandwell Labour Dictatorship’s£157.192 per annum “Chief Executive” (“Lol”) Jan Britton won’t say.

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Green Belt signs – tendering mystery? 

29 Mar 16

Nothing is ever straightforward in the rotten Labour Borough of Sandwell (aka “Sadwell”) is it? Regular readers will know that Labour want to try and make a few quid by placing huge v-shaped “Toblerone” signs on Green Belt land at Ray Hall Lane, …

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Jan Britton Fights For Secrecy! 

16 Mar 16

The thin-skinned “Chief Executive” of Sandwell (aka “Sadwell”) Council, Jan Britton, is at it again.

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Will Jan Britton Apologise to Hippodrome Volunteers? 

11 Mar 16

Birmingham Hippodrome have been doing some excellent “outreach” work, bringing the arts out onto the streets for all to see.

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Confederation of Bangladeshi Organisations 

10 Mar 16

In my post of 8th March: http://thesandwellskidder.

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Nick & Neeraj – Please be B*stards! 

8 Mar 16

Now you see it, now you don’t in the wonderful world of the sale of (our) public land by Labour Sandwell Council…

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Sandwell Presents: “It’s A Cock-Out”! 

7 Mar 16

News reaches me that Darren Cooper has been deliberately covering-up two serious incidents involving “Sadwell” Labour Councillors – at least until now…

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Darren Cooper’s Favourite Troll Down! 

5 Mar 16

Mystery surrounds the disappearance of the abusive and grossly libellous Twitter troll account of Darren Cooper’s “hero” and “guru”, Andrew Hipkiss as well as his ludicrous “blog”.

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Britain’s Thickest Council Leader 2016 – Extended Deadline! 

3 Mar 16


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Yay, Yay and Thrice Yay!!! 

27 Feb 16

With Darren Cooper you just cannot make it up.

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Stop Press – Jan Britton’s Blog! 

25 Feb 16

I am sure Jan Britton cannot be referring to me in his “Word on the Street” blog today as that would be libellous…

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A Sandwell Miscellany! 

25 Feb 16

It is common knowledge – even though he won’t come out and say it – that the simpleton from Smethwick who leads [sic] “Sadwell” Council, Darren Cooper, wants to stand for Metro Mayor (after publicly stating there should not actually be a mayor) and …

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SMBC Council House Policy + more 

21 Feb 16

We have seen the unusual policy operated by the man who purports to be “Sadwell” Council’s chief executive, Jan Britton’s seemingly uncontrollable staff.

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Honk Honk! 

17 Feb 16

A little bit of good news from the boondocks of “Sadwell” for a change! Devoted readers will know that, apart from their obsession with canine excrement, Darren Cooper and The Comrades are also unkeen on the avian variety especially when it features …

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Darren Cooper and the M6 Toll 

13 Feb 16

It is common knowledge that leader [sic] of the Sandwell Dictatorship, Darren Cooper, was at the back of the queue when the brains were dished out and, once again, his intellectual deficit and chronic naiviety were on display for all to see on …

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Black Deeds at Black Patch? 

11 Feb 16

Just over a year ago, I wrote a post questioning why Labour Sandwell (aka “Sadwell) Council were trying to stitch up yet another private deal without opening it up to any sort of competition AND to destroy parts of the historic Black Patch community …

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What The College Tried to Hide – Technical Blog 

10 Feb 16

This is a technical blog for those who understand College funding.

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What is Jan Trying to Hide? 

9 Feb 16

TOYS OUT OF THE PRAM!!!!! Not long ago, someone leaked Jan Britton’s blog attack on social workers to the Halesowen News and to The Skidder.

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West Bastard Albion 

9 Feb 16

I am happy to announce a tiny slither of good news now that the Albion Foundation has now filed its accounts with the Charities Commission for the financial year ended 30th June, 2015.

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Twitter Love Trolls #6 

6 Feb 16

Last night, Twitter suspended by @bcrover account.

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Unite’s Regional Fantasist 

3 Feb 16

Trade Unions employ some weirdos but is there a stranger pairing than Unite and its West Midlands Regional Organiser, Brian Rickers? We all know that Unite is a sick joke where the top echelons strut the political stage whilst the lumpenproletariat …

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Cooper Troll Seeks Your Cash! 

3 Feb 16

Skidder aficionados will know that “Sadwell’s” Darren Cooper associated himself with at least 15 now-suspended Twitter troll accounts and in a sting operation admitted he knew the identity of the troll account, @OdgenW, which was operated by Mr …

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Trolls Hit Arts Charity Again! 

30 Jan 16

Regular readers will know that Darren Cooper and his Unite the Union mate, Brian Rickers, started to harass a Birmingham Arts Charity for the simple reason that it employs my wife: http://thesandwellskidder.

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Fraud , Bent Coppers & Wragges 

29 Jan 16

Question 1 – has there been fraud at Labour Sandwell Council – answer yes.

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Cooper and WMCA – Stop Press 

28 Jan 16

I have repeatedly pointed out in this blog how grotesque it is to see organisations in “Sadwell” prostitute themselves before the Labour Dictatorship in return for hard cash.

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Sandwell’s Stasi 

16 Jan 16

Some of you will be watching the Deutschland 83 TV series about the activities of the old East German secret police, The Stasi, but here is an odd tale a little closer to home with a hint of Franz Kafka too.

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Dear Bill… 

12 Jan 16

I actually quite like Bill Gavan.

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Resign Britton! 

9 Jan 16

I have to be careful criticising the person who purports to be Sandwell Council’s thin-skinned “Chief Executive”, Jan Britton, since he has already tried to have me arrested for an offence which could, potentially, have led to my imprisonment simply …

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“Dazwinder” Strikes Again! 

4 Jan 16

It is bad enough elements of the local press demeaning the art of good journalism and prostrating themselves before the Orifice of Oldbury but now they are permitting Darren Cooper’s associates to plant “comments” to their articles.

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1 Jan 16

What are we to make of ex-bankrupt Labour Councillor, Joanne Hadley? Even by the standards of “Sadwell” Labour this is a curious tale…

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Only in “Sadwell”… 

22 Dec 15

A little something to make you laugh (or cry) before the holiday…

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Greenbelt Signs Update 

15 Dec 15

Blink and you missed it! The decision to build two huge – allegedly entirely speculative – “toblerone” signs on greenbelt land at Ray Hall Lane, Great Barr was entirely that on the Darren Cooper dictatorship and they have no prospective customer …

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Greenbelt Latest – Preece’s Cock-Up? 

14 Dec 15

Well I did try and warn you but you wouldn’t listen…

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WMP Cock-Up or Cover-Up? 

10 Dec 15

Regular readers will know that besides the appalling trolling from Twitter accounts which Sandwell Council leader [sic], Darren Cooper, has deliberately chosen to associate himself with, The Skidder has also received many threats of extreme violence …

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Would-be Metro Mayor’s Nick Visit 

8 Dec 15

It is reputed that the very highly-paid top “management” echelons of Sandwell (aka “Sadwell) Council are arse-lickers extraordinaire.

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Nasty Smear from College! 

7 Dec 15

Given my experiences over the last couple of years, I should now be aware that getting involved with the press is a perilous business (Halesowen News and a couple of other honourable media persons excluded).

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“Three Degrees” Scandal Latest! 

5 Dec 15

Regular readers of this blog will know the story so far of Jim Cadman’s private business deal to bring a hideous, cartoonish, statue of three of my great WBA heroes to the dog sh*t – smeared streets of “Sadwell”.

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Mayoral Candidate Deletes Tweets! 

27 Nov 15

Yet again Darren Cooper has messed his pants and had to change them! The ludicrous wannabe Mayor of the new Greater Birmingham combined authority is notorious for his infantile, illiterate and abusive outpourings via his own Twitter account and (at …

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Message to Mayoral Candidate Cooper 

23 Nov 15

This is an open letter which I have today sent to Cllr Darren Cooper, the leader [sic] of Sandwell Council and someone who has stated his intention to run for the Labour nomination as Metro Mayor for the new combined authority [sic] aka Greater …

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Taxpayers’ Chauffeur for Cooper, Please! 

21 Nov 15

In 2012 the Labour Dictatorship of Sandwell (aka “Sadwell”) splashed out a mere £70,000 for a brand new mayoral limo and Range Rover.

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18 Nov 15

Altogether now…

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Azeem’s Back in Business! 

18 Nov 15

I am delighted to note that the police are taking no further action against Sandwell Council employee, Azeem Hafeez, who happens to be the son of ex-Deputy Leader, Labour’s, Mahboob Hussain, in respect of unspecified allegations against him.

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SMBC Green Belt Scandal Latest! 

17 Nov 15

Are Labour’s three Charlemont Grove Councillors concealing the truth? In my earlier post on this subject I pointed out that it was the normal course of events would be for a sign company to apply for planning permission but that, here, Sandwell …

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Wednesbury Celebrates Insolvent? 

12 Nov 15

We now have some financials and it seems clear that someone at Wednesbury Celebrates has grossly mislead the Big Lottery Fund in another grant application and that in April this year Wednesbury Celebrates was undoubtedly insolvent unless Sandwell …

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