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5.25 Drive PC Fan Speed Control & Display Review 

17 Jun 16

Recently I had upgraded my PC with new graphics card, as wanted to play some of the latest games and saved me having to get either PS4 or Xbox one.

Blog feature
Bird Feeder Out of Old Small Cabinet 

14 Jun 16

I’m a person that doesn’t like to throw things away, that’s if I can use them again or for something else.

Blog feature
Mini Model Village In My Garden 

7 Jun 16

I have always liked model villages, have visited a lot around the country In the past I have collected little model cottages like the Lilliput Lane type and similar.

Blog feature
Aldi Workzone Pressure Washer Review 

2 Jun 16

Aldi a few weeks ago as one of their special buys was a Workzone 2.2kw pressure washer @ £79.99, I brought one for my work and here is a honest review of it after a few weeks working with the unit.

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Visit To Tutbury Castle 

30 May 16

On the way back from a visit to Sudbury Hall & Childhood museum, we decided to visit Tutbury Castle, Staffordshire.

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Tip for Breeding Fish 

30 May 16

Breeding fish in a garden pond, normally this is something that if you let nature take its course the fish will breed given the right conditions.

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Bubbles – Photo Blog 

28 May 16

These photos were taken back in 2011, with my old Panasonic FZ38 camera.

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General Website Update May 2016 

27 May 16

I Try to keep adding to this site about my interest and tips etc regularly, but unfortunately the last few months I have been so busy with my work I really haven’t had the time or the inclination to write articles for the site, even though I have …

Blog feature
Breakdown of Complete Pond Service 

26 May 16

KS Pond Services breakdown of our full pond clean and service.

Blog feature
Examples of Full Fish Pond Clean 

26 May 16

Here are just a few examples of a full service on different ponds, All of the photos below was taken on the day of the services some start to finish, other just part way through.

Blog feature
About Duckweed 

25 May 16

One question I get asked by new customers is about duckweed.

Blog feature
My Favorite Walking Sim Type Games 

16 May 16

Lately I have been getting back into playing videos games.

Blog feature
Tips For Controlling Blanket Weed 

11 May 16

Blanket Weed is the curse of keeping a pool.

Blog feature
Visit to Birdland in Bourton-on-the-water 

30 Apr 16

While on a day out to the lovely village Bourton On The Water we decided to visit a few attractions within the village.

Blog feature
Best Way to Feed Your Garden Pond Fish 

19 Apr 16

My suggestion on feeding the fish is the same as always and this is that when the weather gets warmer and you go outside on a nice day, without a coat on and you feel warm then you can feed the fish.

Blog feature
Tips For Re-sizing Photos for Different Devices 

12 Apr 16

We all now have thousands of photos and videos digitally, with all mobile devices you have more restrictions on memory size than on a normal pc.

Blog feature
Ironing Tip Using Tin Foil 

18 Mar 16

Like everyone we either love or hate ironing.

Blog feature
Railway Tracks and Train – Photo Blog 

16 Mar 16

I was just looking though some of my old photos and found these two and thought I would share these.

Blog feature
Homemade Cheese Scones Recipe 

13 Mar 16

I love cheese scones so have been making them myself, this is a very simple recipe and quick to make.

Blog feature
Gmail Mailbox Search Tips 

11 Mar 16

I had the need to clean out my Gmail mailbox and I have found a useful way of searching for large attachments.

Blog feature
Firewatch PC Game Quick Review 

1 Mar 16

I have just completed an interesting game called Firewatch, well that’s if you class it as a full video game, there is no gun or weapons to use, just a plain exploration game.

Blog feature
Hall Green Greyhound Stadium Demolition 

26 Feb 16

Hearing in the last week about the closure of Birmingham’s Hall Green Greyhound stadium it made me remember of a time I went there a good few years ago.

Blog feature
Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver PC Adapter 

17 Feb 16

Recently I have been playing more games on the pc than on consoles, as there are more of the games that I enjoy playing which are the exploration games, but I do prefer to use a gamepad controller instead of the keyboard / mouse even though the mouse…

Blog feature
What Are Compressed Files 

5 Feb 16

This is a question I get asked a lot, what are compressed files, so here is just the basics on these type of files.

Blog feature
How To Use Sega Emulator PC 

3 Feb 16

Recently I had a request on how to play old Sega Master System games on windows pc, so this is just a quick guide, on how to play old sega games on your pc.

Blog feature
Windows Folder & File Tips 

2 Feb 16

This is just a quick guide for anyone that is unfamiliar with the structure of your folders (Directories) and where to put your files on your windows pc.

Blog feature
Previous Years of Snow 

17 Jan 16

With the little covering we have had of snow on 17th Jan 2015 it made me think of previous years of snow fall.

Blog feature
Lego Minifigure as Cable Holder 

16 Jan 16

I have just build a custom desk for my main pc, and wanted a way to hold the cables that I have on the desk to connect to devices that I use.

Blog feature
Adding Radio Stations To Musicbee 

10 Jan 16

One of my favourite music players on Windows PC is musicbee, a great free music player that is customisable hoe ever you want.

Blog feature
Adding Truetype Font To WPS Office Android 

8 Jan 16

My favourite office suite for android has to be WPS office.

Blog feature
My Christmas lights 2015 

24 Dec 15

Its a bit late for me this year to post photos of my Christmas house lights this year but here they are.

Blog feature
Damage And Run To My Car In Brownhills 

10 Dec 15

I thought I would share what has just happened to me within last two days.

Blog feature
Getting Extra Dropbox Space For Free 

8 Dec 15

Here are some tips for getting some extra free space if you use Dropbox.

Blog feature
Daily Mail Lego Toys From McColls 

3 Dec 15

It has been a while since the daily mail have had a promotion of free lego toys, but from the 3rd December until Saturday 5th they are giving away 4 lego Polybag sets.

Blog feature
Sugary Drinks Tax 

1 Dec 15

With the government and MP’s discussing a tax on sugary drinks as a measures to tackle child obesity, The Commons’ Health Committee said there was now evidence a tax would reduce consumption.

Blog feature
Christmas Tree And Decorations 

29 Nov 15

Normally we don’t put our Christmas decorations up until December, but this year decided to put it up today 29th November which if I was religious this is the first Sunday of advent (the fourth Sunday before Christmas).

Blog feature
My Impression Of Rise Of The Tomb Raider 

27 Nov 15

Technically incorrect, this is an articles not just on my first impressions of rise of the tomb raider, at time of writing this I’m about 25% through the game.

Blog feature
Official Doctor Who Lego Set 

20 Nov 15

As most readers of this blog know I am a huge fan of both lego and doctor who.

Blog feature
Autumn Walk Along The Wyrley and Essington Canal 

8 Nov 15

Had bit of time on Friday morning as was waiting for computer to finish scans before taking back to customer this afternoon, so decided to take the dog on a nice long walk after dropping my daughter off to school.

Blog feature
Halloween Themed Snack Ideas 

29 Oct 15

These are quick selection of 6 snack ideas for the kids or even adults this Halloween, all the recipes gave a scary theme so perfect for any Halloween party.

Blog feature
New Ladybird Books For Grownups 

28 Oct 15

Just noticed there are some new ladybird books just to be released, we all remember ladybird books from our childhood.

Blog feature
General Website Update October 2015 

27 Oct 15

This is a short update to my blog, this is more of a personal update aswell.

Blog feature
Quick Walk Around Hayhead Wood Nature Reserve – Aldridge 

18 Sep 15

We decided to take the dog for a walk around Hayhead Wood nature reserve in Aldridge.

Blog feature
Wasp Macro – Photo Blog 

7 Sep 15

Just looking outside the other day while doing some work sitting outside, noticed this wasp on one of our garden ornaments.

Blog feature
Vax Air3 Pet Vacuum Review 

5 Sep 15

A few weeks we got a new vacuum as our old one didn’t really pick up the dog hairs.

Blog feature
Our Dog Abby 

2 Sep 15

Photo of our dog Abby on walk over chasewater water this morning.

Blog feature
Nature Walk Around Beacon Park Lichfield 

27 Aug 15

The other week had an hour or so to spare while the missus was at interview in Lichfield town centre I decided to take my camera and have a wonder round by Beacon park and get some photos of the plants and insects.

Blog feature
Maginon Hifi Bluetooth Receiver Review 

18 Aug 15

While in our local Aldi store they had a sale on some electronic equipment one was a MAGINON bluetooth receiver reduced from £15 down to £7.50, so thought would get one as been looking at these kind of bluetooth receivers for awhile.

Blog feature
Motor Museum Visit – Bourton-On-The-Water 

12 Aug 15

While on a nice day out in Bourton on the water we visited a few attractions one of these was the Cotswold motoring museum and toy collection, price are £5.25 Adults, £3.74 Children (4-16yrs) under 4’s free family ticket 2 adults 2 children is…

Blog feature
My Experience With Windows 10 Upgrade 

6 Aug 15

This is my experience so far upgrading to windows 10 than was officially released on 29th July.

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