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A Sad Loss 

17 Jul 18

I was greatly saddened to hear from BrownhillsBob that we have to say goodbye to The Plastic Hippo , a man who made the local blog scene so much the richer.

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23 Apr 18

Saturday involved, after sorting a couple of household things, a beer trip to meet Andy & JC.

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Bearing up under the strain 

13 Mar 18

So, I decided to go and take a look at the nicely refurbished Ogley Junction Bridge , and hopefully cross it and get to Chasewater, extending my recent short rides .

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There Is No Cloud 

7 Mar 18

there is just someone else’s computer .

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No More Beyond the Northern Wastes 

22 Feb 18

With the reduction of subsidies from Staffordshire Council , our relatively recent discovery of Chasetown and Burntwood as places to drink and eat looks like it will end in April, when the NXWM 10 bus route stops going further than Brownhills at off-…

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A Slightly Longer Spin 

30 Jan 18

I’d finished work early to get a broken coil spring fixed on my car (the bodyshop visit having prevented me being organised and getting the MOT done with more time to spare) and the MOT retest done.

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24 Jan 18

A minor intertubes annoyance of mine.

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Breaking the System 

2 Dec 17

I’ve been in hospital again.

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Bell Ends 

21 Aug 17

[Title shamelessly stolen from here ] So then, Andy wonders why i have no faith in the political system.

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In the Hall of the Greene King 

17 Aug 17

So, there was a bit of work needed at an office in Bury St Edmunds- a bit of network diagnosis and install a ID card printer.

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Diesel Do 

1 Aug 17

So having had the emmissions-test cheat mode removed from my car, I was interested to see on BBC Watchdog ( everyone’s favourite combination of fuckwits and whingers ) that there seems to be a growing number of complaints following the “service …

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29 May 17

I happened across a tweet from CPMG last week,and retweeted it (amd, indeed, responded to it with both a reply and by completing the survey (which I’d encourage you to do).

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Festival -1: Walsall Beer Festival 

9 Mar 17

Sad to hear that this weekend’s Walsall Beer Festival is off: Urgent announcement.

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Chilly Out 

5 Jan 17

I realise it’s winter, but tonight’s cold snap surprised me: I got changed, got gloves on, and got the bike out, and then when setting off had a surprise: the front gear mechanism literally would not move, and investigation found that it was …

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1 Jan 17

This blog has just passed it’s thirteenth birthday, and we’re at the start of a new year, a year that’s to be honest, brought little to be happy about in many ways: the loss of many celebrities (and for once, the word celebrity is actually …

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Taphouse Tour: Summary 

28 Dec 16

The Taphouse Tour is over, and here’s a summary: Name Score The Duke William 9.75 The Old Bulls Head 9.37 Green Duck Brewery Badelynge Bar 8.75 Beacon Hotel 8.66 The Fountain 8.44 Hail to the Ale 8 The Sow and Pigs 7.525 The Park Inn 6.98 The Windsor …

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Taphouse 10: The Old Bulls Head 

28 Dec 16

Pubblog Link */?> Whatpub Link Brewery Site Taphouse 10, again with a brewery actually onsite- Black Country Ales.

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Make Tech Difficult 

12 Dec 16

One of the things non-techies hate about tech is the complexity of setting some things up, and the rise of IoT , and the ubiquity of smartphones and home broadband has meant that our homes have more and more tech, and that tech is expected to talk to…

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Some you win 

4 Nov 16

Time I blogged a bit more… A week of differing days: starting with a very long day, and a failed Internet connection and firewall migration (which had to be reverted), followed by another late finish, followed by a hospital appointment with a long …

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Out for a Duck? 

5 Oct 16

I note that The Drunken Duck in Walsall Wood High St is closed and looking for a new tenant, as a business opportunity, and this is probably the time that I can say it was the pub behind my pub lifecycle post , though the concept applies elsewhere.

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Taphouse 9: The Windsor Castle Inn 

24 Sep 16

Pubblog Link Whatpub Link Brewery Site Taphouse 9.

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Taphouse 8: Green Duck Brewery Badelynge Bar 

24 Sep 16

Pubblog Link Whatpub Link Brewery Site Taphouse 8, this time more the bar on the brewery site rather than a brewery on a bar or pub site.

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Taphouse 7: The Duke William 

24 Sep 16

Pubblog Link Whatpub Link Brewery Site Taphouse 7, again with a brewery actually onsite- Craddocks.

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The Pub Lifecycle 

16 Aug 16

Some thing I’ve remarked upon with friends but not really covered here before now is the seemingly cyclical nature of some pubs; Andy has mentioned it in a number of posts, and we’ve probably caught pubs at different stages of the cycle during …

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A Noise Annoys 

28 Jul 16

Last night, I was a little later home than other days, and my dear other half suggested a visit to the pub for tea (for those of you of a posh or southern disposition, that’s the evening meal).

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Taphouse 6: The Park Inn 

23 Jul 16

PubBlog Link Whatpub Link Brewery Site Taphouse 6, again with a brewery actually onsite- Holdens.

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Taphouse 5: The Beacon Hotel 

23 Jul 16

PubBlog Link Whatpub Link Twitter Taphouse 5, with a brewery actually onsite- Sarah Hughes.

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Beyond the Northern Wastes 

7 Jul 16

In the over 20 years I’ve lived in Walsall Wood, near to the 39x (previously)/10/10A (now) bus route , I’ve probably only caught the bus northwards towards Brownhills a handful of times, heading instead towards the bright lights of Walsall, and …

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A Personal Win 

22 Jun 16

I’m writing this on the eve of the EU referendum.

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A Tale of Two Crap Towns 

12 Jun 16

We’ve been away, and as I still didn’t fancy the long drive required for Scotland that we often take at this time of year, we went a bit closer- Morecambe.

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Taphouse 4: The Gunmaker’s Arms 

23 Apr 16

PubBlog Link Whatpub Link Pub Website Taphouse 4, this time it’s Two Towers ‘ taphouse.

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Police State? 

19 Apr 16

I was both intrigued, pleased, and disturbed in equal measure by this post from the blog of West Midlands Police Traffic .

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A long, slow death… 

15 Apr 16

and a very welcome one.

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Self Serving 

23 Mar 16

Is it a necessity that if you design a self-service till for a shop, that you must fuck up the UI so badly that it’s totally unusable? I’m a techy.

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Taphouse 3: The Sow and Pigs 

19 Mar 16

PubBlog Link Whatpub Link Pub Website Taphouse 3.

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Walsall Beer Festival 

10 Mar 16

It’s beer festival time! Walsall beer festival starts today at 5pm, running until Saturday.

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Bristol City 

7 Mar 16

We went away for a few days, and my better half suggested Bristol.

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7 Mar 16

Our trip to Bristol saw us head through Birmingham New St.

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Taphouse 2: Hail to the Ale 

13 Feb 16

PubBlog Link Whatpub Link Pub Website Hail to the Ale! The second taphouse, keeping us on target! A bit more involved logistically, but not too hard.

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Taphouse 1: The Fountain, Walsall 

31 Jan 16

PubBlog Link WhatPub Link 100Pubs Link Given that The Fountain is an easy one to get to, and well loved by everyone on the 100 pubs tour, it was a ideal start for our taphouse adventure.

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Taphouse Tour 

31 Jan 16

Following on from last year’s 100 Pubs adventure , we decided on a twist in our ways to drink too much contribute to the pub trade and have a bit of a giggle.

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#100pubs2015: The Finale 

31 Dec 15

We did it.

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That Time of Year 

21 Dec 15

No, not the festive season.

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#100pubs2015: The Home Straight 

20 Dec 15

Despite a hangover (from all of four pints, FFS) on Saturday, I managed to get my errands done in time to get out by bus and meet Andy in Walsall for the start of another push at 100pubs2015 .

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Getting The Turtle’s Head 

13 Dec 15

Yesterday saw us at the Brownhills Christmas Market mid-morning, and having beer forced upon us by the nice chaps at Backyard .

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Not So Swift 

19 Oct 15

I bought a Swiftcard , because it seemed like a great idea.

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Diesel & Whine 

18 Oct 15

I was feeling like I’d missed out on the requisite quantity of dieselboners this year, so I was pleased to note that Aston Manor Road Transport Museum had their final running day of the year today, even if I did have to befoul my computer with …

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Near Beer 

8 Oct 15

We’ve been away, to Seaton , as I didn’t fancy a long drive to Scotland just yet , so the M5 beckoned.

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School of Hard NOx 

23 Sep 15

Oh dear, VAG seem to have cocked up , huh? The fact that the EPA in the US caught them gaming the system with emission testing is interesting, and given that they face a huge fine, and the CEO Martin Winterkorn, having recently ousted Ferdinand Piech…

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Let’s Rock 

10 Sep 15

Or not.

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