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Our life 365 Instagram 

20 Aug 14

Test test test test.

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Hello world! 

20 Aug 14

Welcome to WordPress.

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eBay Art From Red Coat Studio 

21 Jan 14

eBay is one of our online stores, and we recently received our purple star icon for a positive feedback rating between 500-999.

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Radiohead OK Computer Guitar Pedal Art 

15 Jan 14

It is hard to explain what a guitar pedal does, without listening to a song, but here are two pedals, used by Radiohead’s guitarist, Jonny Greenwood, during the recording of their 3rd album, OK Computer.

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Steam Train Sketch With Charcoals 

8 Jan 14

Last year, I created this charcoal study of No.

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Setup Instructions for v2.3 Lite 

5 Jan 14

Welcome to Launch Effect v2.3 Lite! Launch Effect Lite lets you create and customize a viral landing page at the click of a few buttons.

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Travelling Across America In A Routemaster Bus 

22 Dec 13

I believe that Tamara and I have a similar sense of adventure, however, she is the more rational one.

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Vintage Cameras 

20 Dec 13

One week, (in early 2012), I painted numerous vintage cameras on 5″ x 7″ canvas boards.

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A Day of Thanks 

11 Dec 13

It was just Thanksgiving in America.

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British Invasion of American Diners 

8 Dec 13

Most American’s find themselves at a dinner after a long night at a pub, or for a sleepy breakfast the next morning.

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Nude Study In Charcoals 

29 Nov 13

“What do you paint?” I get asked that a lot.

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25 Nov 13

If we were an illustrated short film, this would be our story… (video link) x James and Tamara Bloglovin / Feedly / RSS Feed Tweet…

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Autumn Phone Photography 

18 Nov 13

My favourite time of the year is Autumn.

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An Afternoon in Old City 

6 Nov 13

Old City is the historical district of Philadelphia.

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Mexican & Music 

30 Oct 13

While James has been in America, he’s had the chance to spend time with my family.

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Snapshots Oct. 27th ’13 

27 Oct 13

Homemade Potpouri / Tacos / Chocolate Cheesecake / James Sketching / Chinatown Street Art / Garlic Herb Cheese Board Bloglovin / Feedly / RSS Feed Tweet !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.

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Charcoal Studies Of Steam Locomotives 

22 Oct 13

Firstly, being in the US with Tamara is great! Secondly, being away from the UK, (and my paints), I have been forced me to try out a new medium.

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Snapshots Oct. 20th ’13 

20 Oct 13

James and Jared / Market East Station / Scratch Off Tickets / Philly’s Clothespin / James at Strasburg Railroad / Love Park / Us in our “hipster-gangsta” Shot / Suburban Station Bloglovin / Feedly / RSS Feed Tweet !function(d,s,id){…

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Chinatown, Philadelphia 

17 Oct 13

James and I have spent two days in Philadelphia so far.

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A Day Out In Philly 

15 Oct 13

Even a day with pouring rain, didn’t stop James and I from having a lovely day.

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Going Along for the Ride 

6 Oct 13

This past year can only be described as a year of transition, and it continues to be.

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Sunday Snapshots [Sept. 29th '13] 

29 Sep 13

Spring rolls / Jared / Parrot named Barbara / Pumpkin butter / Gumby / Bamboo plant / Market East Station x Tamara Bloglovin / Feedly / RSS Feed Tweet !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.

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Tamara’s 35th Birthday 

24 Sep 13

I had a wonderful weekend with friends in Philadelphia for my 35th birthday.

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Join Us For Fall 

23 Sep 13

It’s our favourite season.

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Sunday Snapshots [Sept. 21st '13] 

23 Sep 13

Vintage milk bottles / Collection of records / Knock-off Tucan Sam / Diner coffee / Sienna the cat / Ladies entrance / Vintage record player @redcoatstudio on Instagram x Tamara…

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Seeds, Leaves, Fields And Trees 

19 Sep 13

If you could choose to be a flower, a seed, or a tree, what would you be? Being a flower would be a colourful existence, but I am not overly keen on bees.

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An Abandoned Building 

17 Sep 13

This weekend, my aunt has a brillant idea to go shoot photographs at this abandoned warehouse that is being converted into loft apartments.

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Sunday Snapshots [Sept. 15th '13] 

15 Sep 13

After dinner coffee is second best only to morning coffee.

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Valley Forge, Pennsylvania 

3 Sep 13

x Tamara…

Blog feature
Sunday Snapshots [1-9-13] 

1 Sep 13

Barley the Bus Stop Dog.

Blog feature
10 Ways to a Happier Life 

29 Aug 13

1: Set a date to sleep in.

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A Day Out In Liverpool 

27 Aug 13

Tamara and I have started compiling a list of places we wish to visit, (primarily in the UK), but ultimately across Europe, and beyond… I took a trip to Liverpool this summer, and here is my whistle stop tour! The Mersey A view of Birkenhead, …

Blog feature
How to Deal With Annoying Co-Workers 

25 Aug 13

Like having a day job isn’t bad enough when your heart is that of an artist, and your head dreams of traveling, photographing, and running a blog.

Blog feature
Join Us at The Laughing Medusa 

22 Aug 13

Join us today at The Laughing Medusa as we share some tips for visiting Philadelphia, USA and Birmingham UK.

Blog feature
Painting The London Underground In Acrylics (Tutorial) 

20 Aug 13

When I paint from reference images, there is a process that I follow.

Blog feature
Red Rooms and Vintage Cameras 

18 Aug 13

My friend Nelly of the Vanillery Garden sent me a message on Facebook .

Blog feature
Turn Off Your Laptop, Switch Off Your Phone, And Go For A Walk 

15 Aug 13

Louis is enjoying his summer break, and we spent a week together here in the studio.

Blog feature
Missing Autumn 

13 Aug 13

It’s early in the morning.

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Everyone’s Excitied About the Garden, Even the Cats. 

11 Aug 13

Lately I have been inspired by urban farmers, really anyone who is growing some of their own food.

Blog feature
Three Little Boys 

6 Aug 13

Today I’m bringing back some portrait shots from a session I did back in the Midwest a couple years ago.

Blog feature
Our First Wedding Anniversary 

4 Aug 13

We have been married for 1 year today! August 4th 2012 was the most magical day of our lives, and every day that has followed, no matter how challenging, has been a gift.

Blog feature
Berman Museuem of Art 

31 Jul 13

This week I took a trip with my aunt to the Berman Museum of Art.

Blog feature
Painting Outdoors With Family 

29 Jul 13

We’ve been treated to an actual summer in England this year.

Blog feature
Farms, Chickens, and Community Gardens 

27 Jul 13

Recently, I had the chance to experience some American history by taking a tour of the Peter Wentz Farmstead in Pennsylvania.

Blog feature
Shipping A Large Commission Painting 

25 Jul 13

When you run your own business, there is an endless lists of things to do.

Blog feature
The Koi Pond [With Video] 

23 Jul 13

Last weekend I headed out to explore a bit of the area that has become my temporary residence.

Blog feature
Happy Birthday RCS Tumblr! [Plus a Social Media Tip] 

21 Jul 13

It’s our Tumblr birthday today! Yes, this is our main blog.

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What Type of Photography Do You Love? 

18 Jul 13

I was inspired by this Soulpancake video in which random people were asked to hold a picture frame and ‘frame’ something of beauty, making them view the world like a photographer.

Blog feature
Package Art 

11 Jul 13

All of the artwork we sell here at Red Coat Studio is shipped from the UK, and I recently switched things up.

Blog feature
Urban Arts Festival in England 

8 Jul 13

Last year James and I took Louis (James’ 12 yr.

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