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Pushing the Boundaries : In Memory of Joey 

31 Dec 13

Our brother in law Joey was an amazing bloke.

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Cheerleaders : We Salute You! 

16 May 13

Big wet kiss to all of you who supported us on the day…

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Quite possibly the best day ever : THE GIRLS 

14 May 13

I’m naturally going to allow the lady folk more air time at this point, the reason being a.

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Quite possibly the best day ever : THE BOYS 

13 May 13

I’m feeling immensely proud right now and somewhat overwhelmed by our experience.

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I’ve shaved off all my pubic hair…. 

11 May 13

in preparation for the race, tonight is all about preparation…

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10 May 13

L-R Sarann Taylor : Richard Broomhall : Sara Diss : Helen Pote : Charlie Ree : Eban Watton : Maxine Cross : Dave Murray So we signed up for this challenge back in November 2012, Helen Pote suggested it.

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Countdown to Stratford : Helen of Tri Pote 

9 May 13

In order to make my life stress free this week in the lead up to the Triathlon, and for the purposes of avoiding writers block, I asked them all (the team) to fill in a questionnaire.

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Countdown to Stratford : Sara Diss 

8 May 13

Training has slowed down this week so it’s time to get down and dirty with the team, and who better than to lower the tone than the author of this blog…

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Countdown to Stratford : Charlie Ree 

7 May 13

Charlie ‘Reebabe’ Ree (hamster hater) is a dear friend of Helen Pote who joined us in training in February…

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Countdown to Stratford : Dave Murray 

6 May 13

Dave Murray is by far the geek of the group and has kept us interested with his ‘cadence’ talks, adjusting everyone’s cycling position and posting excellently informative youtube videos to improve performance…

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Countdown to Stratford : Maxine Cross 

5 May 13

The rest of the team think that Maxine has gills in her buttocks and webbed toes, because she swims like a fish! Read all about ‘Aquamaxina’ here …

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The Maxine Test : Surely a Saddle is a Saddle? 

5 May 13

As we draw closer to the event of our lives, we have been forced to consider other options after very gruelling hours perched upon something resembling a knife blade…

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Countdown to Stratford : Eban Watton 

3 May 13

Whilst we start to really panic about the big day, stress over the small stuff our team mate Helen continues her battle with Cancer, there is nothing more humbling than Helen’s tenacity and passion for the Triathlon team.

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Countdown to Stratford : Richard RiffyB Broomhall 

2 May 13

So the team got their race numbers today and panic has well and truly set in…

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Countdown to Stratford : Sarann TIGER Taylor 

1 May 13

It’s a mere 12 days 12 hours 29 minutes and 30 seconds until we do the Stratford Sprint Triathlon, so in the countdown to the event we thought we’d get a little bit up close and personal with the teamsters, so you can see what we have to put up with …

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Two weeks to go! EEK 

28 Apr 13

L-R Maxine Cross , Dave Murray, Sara Diss Rachael Malcolm Another awesome training weekend started on Saturday morning with the usual 5K training run at the Arboretum.

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Epic Fundraising Saturday Part Deux 

22 Apr 13

If growler push wasn’t enough of a challenge in front of our friends and family, we proudly proceeded onwards into our fundraising activities.

Blog feature
Epic Fundraising Part 1 

21 Apr 13

What a difference a day makes, and yesterday was biblical in all areas.

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Focus on Strength, Hope and Visualising the Finish Line 

16 Apr 13

In the course of this blog we’ve touched on the funny things that have made us laugh.

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Sexy pictures, bruised genitalia and the cleat revolution.. 

15 Apr 13

Well what an epic weekend once again.

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Cleets, Haddock Mittens and Training On Tour.. 

13 Apr 13

So the Triathlon Team has started a new week of training today with a superhuman start.

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Sponsors, Sports Massage and Outstanding Local Support 

12 Apr 13

After a 10k run on Tuesday (just to see how far she could run) Sarann took the day off from training on Wednesday to ‘enjoy’ a sports massage.

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One for the ladies : spotlight on the MEN in Team Triathlon 

11 Apr 13

This is Ryan Reynolds, he’s not officially part of the FBB Happy Campers Team, however I’m guessing he was the reason you clicked on this link.

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Knickers or no Knickers? 

10 Apr 13

Picked up the Trisuit today from Sutton Runner, http://www.

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The W.I. did it, should we? 

9 Apr 13

We’re currently knee deep in training, so that part of this crazy venture is taken care of.

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Waxing Wilson…and other short stories 

7 Apr 13

It’s been another massive day for the Team, in every respect.

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Smashing personal bests, camel toe and the ‘cadence’ geek… 

6 Apr 13

This week has been incredible for the FBB Happy Campers, and we’ve certainly ended on a high today at the training Arboretum 5K Parkrun.

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5 Apr 13

There’s something fundamentally sadistic about fund raising, and I’m losing my hair for the cause…

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Desperately seeking sponsors 

3 Apr 13

I’ve been furiously tweeting celebrities this week in the vain hope that they’d Retweet my blog and thus bring more support to our pages, and potentially more sponsors…

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Triathlon suits, sore front bottoms and the question of support? 

1 Apr 13

I knew one day this day would come, but I hadn’t really prepared for it.

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6 Weeks to Go Training Just got Nasty 

1 Apr 13

So it’s just 6 weeks until we do this challenge as a team for Cancer Research and Birmingham Childrens Hospital.

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