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Labour Deliver Pay Cut for Councillors. 

18 Nov 14

Walsall Council’s Labour Deputy Leader, Mohammed Nazir, Tearing up the Tories’ payrise Walsall Councillors have voted overwhelming in favour of a Labour motion to cut senior members allowances despite opposition from the Conservatives.

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Campaigners Win Site Victory 

16 Nov 14

A controversial planning application to site a skip hire and material recovery works on land close to residential homes has been thrown out by council officers after protests by local people.

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Labour Delivering New Business Opportunities 

16 Nov 14

Mohammed Nazir.

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Walsall Council’s First Armed Forces’ Champion 

12 Nov 14

Councillor Carl Creaney (centre right) with serving and ex-members of the Armed Services.

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Government Cuts: The facts speak for themselves 

3 Nov 14

Walsall council is suffering from unprecedented coalition Government cuts Labour’s has come to power in Walsall at a time when cuts imposed by national government and the failings of the previous Conservative and Liberal Democrat leadership have …

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Council suffering ‘Unprecedented Government Cuts’ 

20 Oct 14

Walsall council is suffering from unprecedented coalition Government cuts Every department in Walsall Council has been placed in the firing line of massive cuts due to disproportionate Government grant cuts and the fiscal irresponsibility of previous…

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Labour’s Chris Making the Change in Birchills and Leamore 

14 Oct 14

Labour Councillors Tina Jukes and Chris Jones  working for Birchills and Leamore Walsall’s newest councillor has welcomed steps to tackle dangerous driving in Beechdale following years of campaigning by local residents.

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Labour Councillors Tear up Tory Pay Rise 

24 Sep 14

Walsall Council’s Labour Deputy Leader, Mohammed Nazir, Tearing up the Tories’ pay rise A voluntary £100,000 pay cut for Walsall’s senior councillors will be confirmed next Monday at a meeting of the authority’s appointments’ board.

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Labour delivering on openness and transparency 

24 Sep 14

Councillor Gareth Illmann-Walker Tonight heralds the first night Walsall Council holds an Audit Committee under a Labour administration’s vision.

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Residents Say No to Crematorium 

19 Sep 14

Jacki Anscombe, Joyce James, Cllr Patti Lane and Pauline Kenn show their opposition.

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Ending Zero Hours Improves Care. 

18 Sep 14

Diane Coughlan: Cabinet member for Social Care A radical plan to improve care for the elderly and disabled by phasing out zero hour contracts is being considered by Walsall Council’s Labour cabinet.

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Council to continue funding school crossings 

12 Sep 14

School crossing patrols in Walsall will continue to be funded by the council after proposals to stop financing part of the service were withdrawn by Cabinet.

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Senior Labour Councillors Take Pay Cut 

15 Aug 14

Sean Coughlan, Leader of Walsall Council’s Labour group.

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Labour Take Control of Walsall Council 

12 Aug 14

Cllr Sean Coughlan, center, with Labour councillors celebrating taking control of Walsall Council.

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Urgent Change Needed In Walsall’s Schools 

11 Aug 14

Ofsted’s slamming of Walsall’s schools improvement service as ineffective is ‘disappointing but unsurprising’; Labour’s spokesperson for education has said.

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Team Mates’ Memorial Match For Tim Oliver 

29 Jul 14

A memorial match for former Walsall Health skipper Tim Oliver will take place on Sunday August 24.

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Labour Welcome Tory U-turn On Living Wage. 

28 Jul 14

Mohammed Nazir.

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Labour’s Hard Work Brings Win 

25 Jul 14

Chris Jones, and Labour supporters, celebrate his victory in Birchills-Leamore by election Labour Party supporters celebrated last night as they held the Birchills-Leamore seat on Walsall Council, despite a concerted effort by Conservatives and Ukip.

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Labour Combating Beechdale’s Dangerous Drivers 

19 Jul 14

Councillor Tina Jukes and Labour Party candidate, Chris Jones, campaigning for a better Birchills and Leamore Local residents and campaigners have welcomed the announcement of measures to tackle speeding cars which have been caught in excess of …

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Community Giving Making Communities Great 

16 Jul 14

Shiri Samra -far left- with Maisie Worton and supporters who raised £1500 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Regulars at a Darlaston gym have thrown their weight behind Birmingham Children’s Hospital by raising £1500 for the care of ill …

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Ukip’s Support for NHS Privatisation 

8 Jul 14

Labour candidate, Chris Jones.

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Social Care At Tipping Point 

3 Jul 14

Social Care budgets are reaching a tipping point where funding is being outstripped by demand and the elderly and vulnerable face the prospect of having no support from their local councils; senior council officers have said.

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We Need An Honest Debate On Vital Services 

30 Jun 14

Labour councillors on Walsall Council are calling on the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats to spell out the real impact of £84 million cuts on the most vulnerable such as the elderly, the disabled and children.

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Prioritising Services: Children’s Safety or Councillors’ Perks 

26 Jun 14

Last year, Walsall council spent £6000 buying a new car for the Mayor.

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Ukip, Lib Dems and Tories In Council Of Self Interest 

20 Jun 14

Walsall Council House Labour are deeply disappointed other parties  on Walsall Council have chosen to put self interest before the needs  of the borough by backing  the defeated Tories in an alliance ranging from independents and the Lib Dems to …

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Community, Fairness, Protecting The Vulnerable and Honesty. Labour To take Control of Council 

15 Jun 14

Sean Coughlan, Leader of Walsall Council’s Labour group.

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Birchills Leamore Candidate Chris Jones 

10 Jun 14

Cllr Tina Jukes, Birchills Leamore candidate Chris Jones, David Winnick MP and Cllr Lee Jeavons celebrating  £2 million grant to the Mirus Academy The Birchills Leamore Labour Party candidate for the forthcoming by election has been announced  as …

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Thanks For a Life That Mattered 

6 Jun 14

One mourner among the hundreds who attended the Town Hall memorial service for the late Tim Oliver The family and friends of the late Tim Oliver have spoken of their gratitude for the messages of love and support they have received for the former …

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Funeral Arrangements For The Late Tim Oliver 

31 May 14

Tim Oliver Tim Oliver sadly passed away at home on Saturday 24th May 2014.

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Tim Oliver: A Friend Has Left Us 

24 May 14

TIm Oliver It is with deep regret that the Labour Group on Walsall Council announces the death of its popular and much respected group leader, Tim Oliver, after a long and painful battle with cancer.

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Labour: The Next Step for Walsall 

23 May 14

Aftab Nawaz, centre, who won St Matthews ward from the Conservatives; one of two Labour gains at Walsall Council election.

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Jobs, Wages, Homes and Help for Veterans: Labour’s promises to Walsall 

8 May 14

Darlaston South Councillor and candidate, Doug James and Wendy Collins, with Labour MP, Andy Burnham and Deputy Labour Group Leader, Sean Coughlan launch the party’s manifesto.

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Walsall Council’s £32000 ‘Do Nothing’ Letter 

25 Apr 14

The £32000 council letter that begins by telling people that they should do nothing.

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Labour Calls for a Fair Deal for Drivers and Customers 

22 Apr 14

Doug James and Zulf Ali with taxi drivers who are calling for a fair deal for all private hire cars.

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Boy Racer Scheme Wins Support of Police Commissioner 

17 Apr 14

Darlaston South Councillor, Dough James; West Midlands Police Commissioner, Bob Jones and community activist, Wendy Collins.

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10 Apr 14

Darlaston South has one of the highest rates of unemployment in Walsall A Darlaston centre which has helped hundreds of local people find jobs and training is threatened with closure because of lack of funds – only months before the area is …

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Conservative/Lib Dem and ‘Independent’ Coalition’s Real Record 

6 Apr 14

Cllr Doug James Independent members of Walsall council, who have long denied that they support the borough’s official Tory/Lib Dem coalition, have been ‘outed’ as political allies by a senior Tory councillor.

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Walsall Council Rejects One In Three Crisis Loans. 

2 Apr 14

Diane Coughlan: “Tories and Lib Dems reject one in three crisis loans for basic items” Nearly 40 per cent of requests for crisis loans to provide basic needs were rejected by Walsall council last year leaving their budget under spent by …

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Call For Answers On Children’s Safety. 

27 Mar 14

Sean Coughlan, Deputy Leader of Walsall Council’s Labour group.

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Good Music, Good Food and Good Causes 

21 Mar 14

A night of music and good food has helped raise over £500 for the Mayor’s charities.

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Labour Welcome Tory U-turn on Town Centres 

20 Mar 14

Walsall and its town centres have suffered years of neglect The Labour leader on Walsall council, Cllr Tim Oliver, has welcomed the U-turn by leading local Tories who have finally taken action to tackle declining town centres whose shops have stood …

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Blacklisting: Unions and Labour Take Action 

10 Mar 14

Cllr Lee Jeavons A campaign by trade unions to tackle ‘blacklisting’ of employees has won the support of Walsall council with the backing of Labour councillors.

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Tories and Lib Dems voted down 5p for old and disabled. 

28 Feb 14

Diane Coughlan proved Walsall’s most vulnerable are paying for the cuts in lost services.

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5p for Social Services? 

27 Feb 14

:Labour Group Leader, Cllr Tim Oliver Politics and honesty, in the mind of many people, are not just strange bed fellows – they’ve never even been on a date together.

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Tories/Lib Dems Must Come Clean On Cuts 

27 Feb 14

:Labour Group Leader, Cllr Tim Oliver Labour councillors in Walsall are accusing the ruling Tory/Lib Dem leadership of the council of political cowardice as it prepares a budget that puts votes before pensioners and the vulnerable and continues to …

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Call for Council Action on Gambling Addiction 

21 Feb 14

Gareth Illmann-Walker, Labour and Cooperative Councillor for Willenhall North   Labour Councillors are calling on Walsall Council to support its campaign against what has been described as the ‘crack cocaine of gambling’ after it was …

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Lib Dem’s ‘Zero Truth’ On Council Budget 

12 Feb 14

Liberal Democrats are playing a ‘zero truth’ game with voters as they and their Conservative colleagues who run Walsall council prepare for a special council meeting where they will refuse to spell out the consequences of the biggest round of …

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Tories and Lib Dems Failing 14000 children in Walsall 

6 Feb 14

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Council Tax To Rise For The Poorest 

1 Feb 14

Tim Oliver, Leader of the Walsall Labour group, is warning that thousands of households on low incomes face paying more in Council Tax next year after the government cut its Council Tax Support grant of  £2.8 million.

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Demand For Food Banks As Benefits Cuts 

28 Jan 14

Recent research has unveiled that cuts to benefits made by the Tory and Liberal Democrat coalition government have stripped out more than £30 million from the local economy in Walsall.

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