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Kingfisher Phonescoped. 

22 Aug 14

Sometimes an opportunity presents itself and you try and capture the moment.

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On the Train. 

20 Aug 14

I read recently while researching nature reserves, that RSPB Leighton Moss reserve is only 500 yards from Silverdale Train station.

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Travelling about a bit. 

16 Aug 14

Back from Norfolk and still making the most of my holiday.

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Novagrade Smartphone Adapter – An Update. 

8 Aug 14

A few people have been in touch to ask me how I am getting on with my Novagrade smartphone adapter, so I thought I would update.

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Pacific Golden Plover – Revisited. 

29 Jul 14

I rushed to Middleton to see the Pacific Golden Plover on Saturday, the first day it was reported.

Blog feature
Pacific Golden Plover – Middleton RSPB 

26 Jul 14

A probable American Golden Plover was reported today at Middleton RSPB.

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Back to Seeswood Pool 

25 Jul 14

It was too hot to do much for most of the day, so as it cooled off a little in the evening, I went back to Seaswood to see if the Night Heron was still around.

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Night Heron 

22 Jul 14

Seeswoods pool Warwickshire had a Night Heron reported today.

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The Best Camera is ……… 

22 Jul 14

There is an old saying to do with photography that you hear time and time again.

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Hot and Stormy. 

19 Jul 14

Friday evening saw Pete and I head off to Middleton RSPB in the hope of seeing the Great White Egret that had been reported.

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Going your own way. 

12 Jul 14

This time of year is a bit quiet here in the Midlands.

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A few snaps of the week. 

1 Jul 14

Sunday evening Pete and I went to see if the Barn Owl would put in an appearance.

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Points of interest 

25 Jun 14

I have been avoiding some areas of the Moors recently due to the length of the grass and the height of the nettles.

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Sunday Mornings 

23 Jun 14

I always venture out early, somewhere local, on Sunday mornings.

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A hour on the river 

21 Jun 14

Nothing new to report on the local birding front.

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Two Patch Year Ticks. 

19 Jun 14

Monday evening was a real treat in birding terms.

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Out and about. 

17 Jun 14

June in the Midlands is a quiet time for birding.

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A Quiet Weekend 

8 Jun 14

After the excitement of a Red Backd Shrike, the rest of the weekend was pretty slow.

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Red Backed Shrike. 

5 Jun 14

What a bird! And a very enjoyable evening.

Blog feature
Point and Shoot – Smartphone Photography. 

31 May 14

Went for a quick walk around Tameside this afternoon as I had a hour to kill and took the scope along.

Blog feature
A couple of Photo Opportunities. 

27 May 14

Set out this morning around Alvecote pools.

Blog feature
Positive Feedback. 

25 May 14

It’s very nice to get feedback on my blog and my photograph attempts.

Blog feature
I’m still playing with the Novagrade adapter 

18 May 14

When I took the Yellow Wagtail picture, I also took some HD video.

Blog feature
Novagrade Universal Smartphone Adapter 

13 May 14

Well, it’s arrived, and initial inspection is very favourable.

Blog feature
Phonescoping Photography 

10 May 14

It’s always nice to take a few snapshots of what you happen to have your spotting scope trained on.

Blog feature
Digiscoping thoughts. 

28 Apr 14

Been out locally using my phone through my scope to capture some of the wildlife I see in my area.

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Make Friends at Middleton 

23 Apr 14

RSPB Middleton this morning, and another enjoyable visit.

Blog feature
Make Friends at Middleton 

23 Apr 14

RSPB Middleton this morning, and another enjoyable visit.

Blog feature
Local Birding 

20 Apr 14

An eventful day with plenty of local sites visited.

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Urban Birding 

15 Apr 14

Had to go to Derby today, so thought I would take the opportunity to check out the nesting Perigrines I have been reading about.

Blog feature

14 Apr 14

Headed off to Cambridgeshire to meet up with a local expert who had offered to put me onto a Nightingale.

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RSPB Middleton revisited 

9 Apr 14

The birds are dropping in at Middleton this week.

Blog feature
RSPB Middleton 

7 Apr 14

After work I noticed a Garganey and a Grey Plover had been reported at Middleton.

Blog feature
Boys and Toys 

6 Apr 14

Jon has his new Opticron MM3 Scope, and we met up this morning to test it out.

Blog feature
The Early Bird 

4 Apr 14

Went on Moors before work this morning.

Blog feature
Mad as a March Hare. 

22 Mar 14

Back on the Moors a Friday after work looking to see if the Red-Legged Partridge were still about.

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Targets and a great way to end a day. 

19 Mar 14

Straight home from work, binoculars, Taz and out on the moors.

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“There’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into !” 

8 Mar 14

Pete had informed me that it was pretty quiet on the moors at the moment.

Blog feature
Rivers and Canals 

2 Mar 14

Tried a new route around the patch today.

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Out for a a Duck. 

1 Mar 14

The weekend is here.

Blog feature
Back for a Brambling 

23 Feb 14

I decided that I needed to return to Cannock Chase and attempt to get myself a better Brambling picture.

Blog feature
The Elusive Brambling 

21 Feb 14

It seems strange that with some of the birding rarities I have seen, I had still not seen a Brambling.

Blog feature
Staying Local – Warks Moors 

20 Feb 14

I didn’t write much for a week or two, now this is my third entry in as many days? Guess it’s having extra time on my hands as I’m on holiday for a week.

Blog feature
Staffordshire Moorlands. Another Lifer. 

20 Feb 14

Builders in the house, so left Mrs Moocher to the chaos, took my birding equipment and my dog, and dissapered in the direction of the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Blog feature
Local and A little bit further. 

19 Feb 14

A Yellow Rumped Warbler had me travelling to Durham.

Blog feature
Red-Flanked Bluetail 

8 Feb 14

I set off for South Gloucestershire at about midnight, I was well down the M5 and a hour from where I needed to be, and pulled into a motorway services and had a couple of hours sleep in the car.

Blog feature
Birds amongst the puddles 

2 Feb 14

So, it’s still raining.

Blog feature
A Wet Weekend 

26 Jan 14

It rained, and it rained! With an already waterlogged ground, the mud and surface water in the fields made it difficult and slippery going.

Blog feature
A Perfect Sunday. 

19 Jan 14

The day started meeting Jon while it was still dark and going in search of Tawny’s.

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Staying Local 

18 Jan 14

With the Moors flooded and the Tame and Anker spilling over into the fields, I had to think about where to go this morning.

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