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24 June 2016 weather 

24 Jun 16

It is a partly cloudy start to the day but we will see some brighter spells shine through from time to time.

Referendum day weather 

23 Jun 16

It is a very humid start to this EU Referendum day but the good news is that if you are planning to walk to your local polling station then you should be able to do so without the need of your umbrella.

A cloudy start to this June day 

22 Jun 16

It is a cloudy and humid start to the day and that really sets the theme for the remainder of the day.

A century on the scoreboard? 

21 Jun 16

This morning starts off much brighter than in more recent days and it is heartening to see the sun shine in through the windows.

A dark start to the week 

20 Jun 16

Today starts off cloudy, humid but mild.

Father’s day weather 

19 Jun 16

I hope that you all managed to get out and about yesterday and, if you time it right, you will be able to do so similarly today (Father’s day).

Better weather news 

18 Jun 16

The weekend is here and along with it comes some better weather news!  Don’t get too excited though as next week will still bring some further showery weather on certain days.

Warmer at 06:30 on the 10th! 

17 Jun 16

The surface air pressure will continue to rise today but we are not out of the woods, rain wise, yet.

On the up 

16 Jun 16

Despite the fact that we have had some overnight rain there is some good weather news for me to deliver but, sadly, it will not help out too much today.

More of the same 

15 Jun 16

After yesterday’s very heavy rainfall (particularly during the afternoon) it could have been hoped that today would turn out a little brighter.

Weather will probably interrupt the tennis 

14 Jun 16

The overnight precipitation, that was at its peak just after midnight, delivered nearly 7mm of rainfall in our area.

Need your umberella? 

13 Jun 16

Today sees a continuation of the cloudy theme and by 18:00 the air pressure will reduce to 1000mb.

Top local event weather 

12 Jun 16

Today sees the Ironman  event and Tom Jones concert taking place in our area.

Any need to water the hanging baskets today? 

11 Jun 16

Yesterday’s rain certainly removed the need to water the hanging baskets and vegetable boxes with nearly 40mm of rain falling in our area (39.6mm).

Are we due some rain today? 

10 Jun 16

Today starts off very cloudy but mild.

Flash floods 

9 Jun 16

Yesterday I wrote in this blog just how localised the rain showers would be and how difficult it was to predict where they would manifest themselves.

Make the most of the fine weather 

8 Jun 16

It has been very mild overnight with the lowest temperature being 15.8c at 05:14 hours earlier this morning.

Yellow weather warning 

7 Jun 16

Today sees the Met office issue a yellow warning of hazardous weather conditions.

Back to school weather 

6 Jun 16

High surface air pressure maintains its position over our area today and the radar images show that there is very little cloud cover around.

The sunshine cavalry is coming 

5 Jun 16

Yesterday turned out to be a very pleasant, albeit humid, day and as I write these notes our area is covered with cloud – but fear not as the sunshine cavalry is coming! As the morning passes the cloud cover will burn away and we should be left …

Warm up act 

4 Jun 16

Today’s weather will be very much the “warm up act” for what looks like a very pleasant day tomorrow.

As we head towards the weekend 

3 Jun 16

Today, once again, will bring us a day with a general cloud covering.

A lot of cloud to start the day 

2 Jun 16

Today sees us start off with a general cloud cover and this cover will remain with us in part or whole for much of the day.

Is today the first day of Summer? 

1 Jun 16

The 1 June 2016 sees the start of the meteorological summer although the astronomical summer will not arrive until the 21 June 2016.

Are you planning a day out? 

31 May 16

Today sees a slight change in the weather conditions but we start the morning with some bright sunshine.

Lichfield Bower weather 

30 May 16

Today is Lichfield Greenhill Bower day and organisers, competitors and visitors are all hoping for good weather.

As lucky with the weather as yesterday? 

29 May 16

Given the tradition of wet weather over bank Holiday weekends the big question is will be as lucky with the weather as yesterday? The short answer is yes! Today sees another very pleasant Bank Holiday weekend’s weather with the air temperature …

Quite a suprise 

28 May 16

Today sees the start of the Bank Holiday weekend and it will be a surprise to many that the weather is set fair! The risk of any rain today is only 7% so as long as you don’t travel too far West then you are unlikely to see your activities …

@WS7weather report for Hammerwich, Lichfield, Burntwood, Brownhills, Bloxwich, Walsall, Aldridge and Pelsall 27/5/16 

27 May 16

If you are finishing work early today to extend your Bank Holiday weekend then the weather will do nothing to damage your optimism.

@WS7weather: WS7 weather report for Hammerwich, Lichfield, Burntwood, Brownhills, Bloxwich, Walsall, Aldridge and Pelsall 26/5/16 

26 May 16

Today starts off cloudy but the day will not be a wash out weather wise.

After yesterday’s bright start….. 

25 May 16

As if to be in total contrast to yesterday morning today starts off, as last night ended, with heavy cloud cover.

A bright start to a May day 

24 May 16

Today will see high surface pressure settled over our area throughout the day.

A bright start to the 23rd 

23 May 16

Despite the clouding over yesterday afternoon the rain stayed away from our area although only 20 miles away to the south of us rain disrupted play at the Edgbaston cricket ground.

Get it done this morning 

22 May 16

Yesterday saw another 2.2mm of rain fall in Hammerwich and our monthly total is now (almost) at the monthly average for the month of May (average 50mm current monthly total 49.2mm).

More than average 

21 May 16

After having already received some overnight / overnight precipitation the radar images are showing that there are plenty of rain carrying clouds passing through our area today.

A pleasant commute to work 

20 May 16

This Friday morning starts off bright through a thin and partly fragmented cloud base.

Mild but no tan 

19 May 16

It is a cloudy but dry start to this Thursday morning.

Dull and grey 

18 May 16

As we discussed in yesterday’s post today sees a little rain falling in our area.

Last of the mid May shine? 

17 May 16

The surface air pressure will continue to reduce today and although the risk of rain will only be around 10% we are likely to come across some precipitation on our journey to work tomorrow morning.

The beginnings of change 

16 May 16

Today sees a slight change in the weather pattern but it will be rather subtle and will go unnoticed by most.

Light and shade 

15 May 16

High air pressure maintains a solid position above the UK today and this means that we are set for another fine day with some bright spells.

Get your gardening shoes on 

14 May 16

Today sees the air pressure gradually increase and it will eventually settle at around 1024mb.

Friday the 13th 2016 weather – will it bring bad luck? 

13 May 16

It is a generally cloudy start to our Friday the 13th, however, it is not all bad luck along the way weather wise.

Rain in Spain 

12 May 16

Today sees the return of the sunshine for a few hours at least! The air pressure will remain stable around the 1004mb.

More of the same? 

11 May 16

Today starts off cloudy and with a 99% risk of more rain between the time of these observations (06:33 hours) and midday.

A change from today 

10 May 16

Today is going to be a predominantly cloudy day with low, medium and high level cloud present for the majority of the time.

Last of the hot spell? 

9 May 16

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year with a top temperature of 25.2c at 15:28 hours.

Hottest day of the year? 

8 May 16

Yesterday’s rain storm was certainly everything that was forecast and, around 10.8mm of rain was deposited in area during the few sharp spells.

Was that a round of applause from the sky? 

7 May 16

It is going to be a warm today with a high of around 21c although there is a potential sting in the tail or, to be more precise, during the mid afternoon.

Will the clouds bring rain today? 

6 May 16

There will far more medium to high cloud around today than we have seen in recent days.

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