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A ‘Sensory’ Soul at Heart. 

Mom's The Word 5 Sep 14

(Please allow me to apologise for the lack of photographs.

Blog feature
Back to Basics Lunch 

Petit Mom 5 Sep 14

If there's one thing I know my son will eat at school it's a good old fashion ham sandwich.

Blog feature
Competition – TumTum Ladybird Lunchbag 

Petit Mom 4 Sep 14

If you are making packed lunches for your child to take to school then you’ll need a bag that keeps the food fresh, cool and safe.

Blog feature
Moms The Word 2012 Tearing Up Fusion Festival 2014 Child Free 

Mom's The Word 3 Sep 14

So, first of all a big thank you to ‘Capital FM ‘ for putting together a pretty fabulous festival for all of us to enjoy.

Blog feature
Alphabet Lunch – Letter A 

Petit Mom 3 Sep 14

Once a week I will be making a packed lunch for my son that is themed, the alphabet lunch.

Blog feature
Competition – Personalised First Day at School Book 

Petit Mom 2 Sep 14

We have teamed up with Born Gifted for my lovely readers to be in to win their little one a lovely personalised First Day at School book, a lovely gift for a child, grandchild or to parents who have a child … Continue reading  →…

Blog feature
First Day of School Lunchbox 

Petit Mom 2 Sep 14

I gave my son an option between two lunchboxes and he decided on the Munchkin Bento Box which he hadn’t used yet so I was a bit wary of his decision.

Blog feature
Fabulous Place To Take Your Littlies: The Codsall Hive Cafe 

Mom's The Word 2 Sep 14

So, I told you all that I had wonderful things to share with you.

Blog feature
Preparing For School Lunch Time 

Petit Mom 1 Sep 14

For a while I have been making packed lunches for Petit Boy to get the hang of some of the boxes we have and his favourite is the Yumbox Panino currently.

Blog feature
No Social Media? How Did You Cope? 

Mom's The Word 1 Sep 14

Learning to cope without it because you have had to cope with out it …

Blog feature
Silent Sunday 

Petit Mom 31 Aug 14

  Posted with Blogsy The post Silent Sunday appeared first on Petit Mom .

Blog feature
Competition – Munchkin Toddler Lunch Bags 

Petit Mom 29 Aug 14

Today we’ve teamed up with the wonderful people of Munchkin to offer TWO of my readers the chance of winning a Munchkin Toddler Lunch Bag, perfect for school lunch boxes to keep them cool or for taking out and about.

Blog feature
Competition – Eggnogg Colour-in Kit Bag 

Petit Mom 28 Aug 14

It’s almost time… school is opening it’s doors to children once more! I’m still rushing around like a headless mummy chicken (who apparently can still type) trying to make sure I have everything ready for Petit Boy’s …

Blog feature
The Cost of Uniform? 

Petit Mom 27 Aug 14

I have been doing the uniform dance that all parents do around this time of the year.

Blog feature
One Week Til School 

Petit Mom 26 Aug 14

One week til my first born wears his uniform, his jacket and walks with me to the school gate for the first time.

Blog feature
For Matilda Mae and Lullaby Trust – My Buggy Walk 

Petit Mom 22 Aug 14

Last year I did a buggy walk with my very tiny baby girl and I’m going to do it again this year and again in memory of Matilda Mae and to raise money for Lullaby Trust.

Blog feature
He Starts School But Why Can’t I Let Go? 

Petit Mom 19 Aug 14

I guess this is normal for parents, specially when it is the very first time their child goes to school.

Blog feature
Scarecrows in the Maize Maze at the National Forest Adventure Farm 

17 Aug 14

On Thursday, Little Mr and I drove over to Burton Upon Trent to spend the morning at National Forest Adventure Farm.

Blog feature
Introducing the New Bambino Mio Two-Piece Nappy 

Petit Mom 12 Aug 14

Bambino Mio have two different cloth nappies.

Blog feature
Review: Clarks Shoes And Fitting 

Petit Mom 5 Aug 14

A while ago I got an email asking if I would like to work with a shoe brand and thought actually yes that would be rather good for my blog and then found out it was one of the best … Continue reading  → The post Review: Clarks …

Blog feature
Tots Bots Easyfits Comparison Video 

Petit Mom 30 Jul 14

I rarely do video posts anymore but I will soon change that! Please forgive my god awful “erm”-ing I will work on that over time.

Blog feature
Bloggers Are Not Blaggers – Guide to Being a Blogger 

Petit Mom 29 Jul 14

I’m writing this on both my blogs as it slightly overlaps.

Blog feature
Home Maternity With Nursing Personnel 

Petit Mom 28 Jul 14

The moment you hold your baby for the first time is so special, and often you have NHS staff and nurses at your beck and call whenever you need advice, worried about something with the baby or are having problems … Continue reading …

Blog feature
Telling the Time – Watches For Kids 

Petit Mom 24 Jul 14

We are at the stage where Petit Boy is asking about the time.

Blog feature
How To Camp With A Toddler and Two Dogs 

Mom's The Word 24 Jul 14

Goodness, what A title.

Blog feature
Tots Bots Birthday Easyfit Print 

Petit Mom 22 Jul 14

Happy Birthday to Prince George today! And how do we cloth bum mums like to celebrate? Why with a brand new and super special nappy of course.

Blog feature
My Favourite Lunch Boxes 

Petit Mom 15 Jul 14

Recently I’ve been slowly collecting lunch boxes and also got my eye on a few that I will be buying soon as Petit Boy starts school in September.

Blog feature
How I Podcast on Audioboo 

Petit Mom 15 Jul 14

Firstly I would like to thank Geekmummy for recommending me as one of the Five Blogs to Listen To so I thought I should really include my audioboo posts here on my actual blog.

Blog feature
A weekend of family fun at Chesford Grange Hotel 

12 Jul 14

As busy working parents we really appreciate our weekends.

Blog feature
Then We Were Four – Petit Girl’s Birth Pt 1 

Petit Mom 5 Jul 14

June was not a friendly month to our family.

Blog feature
Creating A Creative Moose 

Mom's The Word 4 Jul 14

I would class myself as a creative as apposed to an academic, for sure.

Blog feature
Taking An Outdoor Moment 

Mom's The Word 3 Jul 14

I’m running a little behind with my posts currently.

Blog feature
Pink For Girls and Blue For Boys … Right? WRONG! 

Mom's The Word 2 Jul 14

I do truly believe that the above statement, ‘Pink For Girls and Blue For Boys’ is totally wrong.

Blog feature
What My Blog Means To Me 

Mom's The Word 1 Jul 14

‘Moms The Word 2012 ‘ may not be the most traffic heavy or well read blog/parent blog out there.

Blog feature
Over Night Stay Success 

Mom's The Word 30 Jun 14

It would appear that he did it.

Blog feature
Nature, Please Accept My Sincerest of Apolgies. 

Mom's The Word 27 Jun 14

This post is dedicated and goes out to every worm, bumble bee, frog, dog, snail, slug, fly, horse, chicken and cat that has ever come into contact with my son.

Blog feature
Easy Leftovers Lunch Cube 

Petit Mom 27 Jun 14

I’ve not posted pictures of my latest lunches as been busy and also had trouble with depression as well as my constant back pain.

Blog feature
Life Is For The Living! 

Mom's The Word 26 Jun 14

In what seems like an instant a year has gone by.

Blog feature
Blogging Conferences – For The Wealthy? 

Petit Mom 26 Jun 14

It has been bugging me for a long time the cost of tickets to these blogging conferences.

Blog feature
1st Birthday Girl Outfits 

Petit Mom 25 Jun 14

I’ve not made these in a while but they’re back and as always I’ll show an outfit on a budget, outfit in the middle and then one luxury outfit.

Blog feature
A “That’s Mine!” Baby is Now A “Here You Are Baby!” 

Mom's The Word 25 Jun 14

There it is.

Blog feature
Growing Up With Dogs 

Mom's The Word 24 Jun 14

To some, and understandably so, the thought of raising their children with dogs just wouldn’t happen.

Blog feature
MPW – Miles Per Week 

Mom's The Word 23 Jun 14

The other day I got talking to a local Mommy regarding cars and transport.

Blog feature
F is for… | The Alphabet Photography Project 

23 Jun 14

F is for..

Blog feature
The Guardian Writes About Reusable Nappies… and Readers Show Ignorance 

Petit Mom 23 Jun 14

This weekend The Guardian wrote an article “Is it wrong to use disposable nappies?” where the author of this piece, Lucy Siegle, is shocked at how disposables have become the norm and writes a well details article on the issues … …

Blog feature
Something For A Saturday 

Mom's The Word 21 Jun 14

Just one of the loveliest and most surprising song that I have heard in a long while.

Blog feature
Top tips for unhappy swim babies 

21 Jun 14

Little Mr has been having swimming lessons over the last six weeks with SwimTime, courtesy of Konfidence as part of our Ambassador role.

Blog feature

Mom's The Word 20 Jun 14

That’s right folks.

Blog feature
Is It Training I Need? 

Petit Mom 19 Jun 14

Ed Miliband has said that young adults who are jobless should be signing up for training rather than signing up for benefits.

Blog feature
Little Mr – 16 months on.. 

19 Jun 14

It seems, all of a sudden, you’ve become a little man; no longer my baby and most definitely an independent little boy who is curious about the world you see around you.

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