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Darrell has an Awful, Awful, Truly Awful Nightmare Of Gigantic Proportions–Part 2 

15 Jul 14

Poor Darrell was in quite a state as he continued to tell Nigel and I about his truly, truly awful nightmare, it was sooooooo real he said and made us promise him that it wasn’t a cruel trick and it wasn’t, wasn’t, wasn’t true.

Blog feature
Darrell has an Awful, Awful, Truly Awful Nightmare Of Gigantic Proportions – Part 1 

14 Jul 14

Oh mon dieu …

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Tonight Matthew ……. We Will Mostly Be Supporting ……… 

13 Jul 14

For one night only we have decided, after MUCH heated debate to become honorary Germans and will support said team in their quest to lift the World Cup …..

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Mostly Eating ……. 

11 Jul 14

This week we will mainly be applying mustard of a Francais type nature to all our savoury dishes of choice.

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Seedlings Ahoy! 

10 Jul 14

It seems ages since we planted the “seed balls” Hugh, Darrell’s best friend and mentor, who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill sent us and Nigel hasn’t taken his eyes off them as per our instructions …… …….

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The PE Lady’s Strawberry Jam– A Robustly Honest Review 

9 Jul 14

We have received several e-mails from followers asking us about the PE Lady’s Jam and anxiously wanting to know when we were going to review it …..

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If Nigel Gets Stuck ……. 

8 Jul 14

The other day, when Nigel was in the garden, just pottering …

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Nigel Muses 

8 Jul 14

Nigel has been much musing of late as to what a Booze is, what they look like ……..

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A Gift Of A Jam Type Nature. 

7 Jul 14

Last night we received a text from the PE Lady saying that she had been pottering in the kitchen as you do on a Sunday afternoon and had made some strawberry jam, using some of the real strawberries that she had picked that morning and wondered …

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Darrell Finds De Rigueur Dans Debenhams. 

6 Jul 14

Darrell tells me that according to Hugh, his best friend and mentor who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill, the future is well and truly “ flocked …….

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Today ……. 

5 Jul 14

Today, Nigel will mostly be eating ………… …… an ample sufficiency of Peperami sticks …… nom, nom nom, nom, nom!!!! He’s a little bit of an animal…

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Darrell is Robustly Impressed 

4 Jul 14

Shazam, Darrell’s best mate from work has bought a new car and couldn’t wait to bring it round to show it off to Darrell …… ……..

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Unlimited Peas and Chips …… 

3 Jul 14

Nigel was almost beside himself when he spotted this sign outside a local hostelry that he passes every day on his way to work ….

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Glum, Glum, Glum, Glum 

1 Jul 14

Oh dear ……..

Blog feature

30 Jun 14

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear …… Darrell was trying to clear some of our photos on Picasa …..

Blog feature
Nigel’s Chocolate Of Choice 

30 Jun 14

Nigel is usually exceptionally experimental with his confectionary, but at the moment he has become unbending in his penchant for Dairy Milk Oreo …..

Blog feature
It Can’t Be Carnival Time Again? 

29 Jun 14

OMG, all of a sudden you realise just how fast the year is flying by when you realise that Carnival Day has come round again again…..

Blog feature
My Saturday Afternoon Guilty Pleasure 

28 Jun 14

On a Saturday afternoon, usually when Darrell and Nigel have gone swimming or to town I settle down on the settee to indulge my guilty pleasure …….

Blog feature
Well, It Didn’t Take Long To Find Out …….. 

27 Jun 14

Yesterday, the window of the only gift shop in the village was bare, “Save,” observed Darrell “…..

Blog feature
What’s Coming Next ……. The Great Debate 

26 Jun 14

It’s always a very exciting occasion when the only gift shop in the village decides to change it’s window display …..

Blog feature
No No Big Brother 

25 Jun 14

A number of people have e-mailed asking us where our usual sage comment and review of the new series of Big Brother has been, knowing what robustly avid followers we have been in the past …..

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A Very Muted Evening Ahead ……. 

24 Jun 14

We have been in two minds as to whether we should embrace tonight’s England v Costa Rica match, and after much debate, none of it heated, we have decided that it would be churlish not to continue our support and be seen as fair weather supporters…

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Isn’t She Lovely, Isn’t She Wonderful 

23 Jun 14

Before we went over to Worcester to see our little baby Iris, we decided that we ought to make a card for her, so she will know that we are her “Fairy” Uncles and how much we love her …… We have to confess that we are strangers to the double …

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On To Us A Child Is Born … 

22 Jun 14

Yesterday, we had the most wonderful, wonderful news imaginable …… Tom and The Lovely Laura’s baby has been born and we have become Uncles ……it’s been emotional at Castle Greysquirrel ……..

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Our Noveau, De Rigueur Kitchen Accessory …… 

21 Jun 14

Following on from Wednesday’s post, (because The World Cup got in the way of posting) …

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We’re Gutted!!!!!!!! Heartbroken…… And Gutted ……. 

20 Jun 14

Last night promised so much …… England v Uruguay …… …… we had so much buoyant hope in our hearts ……..

Blog feature
It’s Almost Too Much For Us To Bare!! 

19 Jun 14

We are very much enjoying the World Cup …..

Blog feature
Spend, Spend, Spend, Spend, Spend? 

18 Jun 14

With their £24 Bonus Ball winnings burning a hole in both Darrell and Nigel’s pockets there has been much robust debate chez Castle Greysquirrel, though, for a change not heated debate, to be honest it could have been classed more as debatable …

Blog feature
OMG. OMG, OMG …. Darrell And Nigel Win The Bonus Ball At Work! 

17 Jun 14

There was much excitement chez Castle Greysquirrel on Monday morning when Darrell and Nigel logged on as usual to their work e-mail account to see the Bonus Ball results as run by our beloved PE Lady.

Blog feature
England 1–Italy 2 

16 Jun 14

Our apologies for our very unbelievably late response and reaction to England’s first match in their quest for World Cup supremacy on Saturday night …… …… time and fatigued conspired against us.

Blog feature
Nigel, World Cup Fashionista!! 

15 Jun 14

Since Darrell created Nigel’s cut price replica World Cup strip he hasn’t taken it off!!!!!! It’s now rather stiff and so he will have to be parted from it for an hour so this week whether he protests too much or not! However, it seems that his…

Blog feature
Alan Titmarsh Type Moments Dans Notre Jardin! 

14 Jun 14

When Darrell returned home from his last visit to London to see Hugh, his best friend and mentor who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill he found two small packages secreted amongst the clothes in his suitcase ……… …… the said packages …

Blog feature
Darrell Makes Tentative Enquiries And Plans For Our Summer Holiday 2014. 

13 Jun 14

Darrell nipped into town yesterday afternoon, he said that he was a man on a mission, and as we were a day away from it being June, it really was time that we gave some robust consideration to our summer holiday 2014…….

Blog feature
A Little Prick Too Far? 

12 Jun 14

Darrell is still thinking about Hugh’s ear piercing, nothing flamboyant, just a discreet but tres, tres de rigueur (and quite romantic in a certain light), pearl earring! But, as you know, Darrell very much prefers to be a stranger to sharp objects…

Blog feature
Nigel’s World Cup Make Do And Mend 

11 Jun 14

Nigel has been pestering for an England strip for the World Cup, but prices for replica kits are pretty prohibitive and then ……… you’ve got to find one small enough to fit the little man …..

Blog feature
Our Team For The Works World Cup Sweepstake 

10 Jun 14

Mr B, one of the teachers at school asked if we would like to be “in” on the staff World Cup Sweepstake, we have to admit that we did debate the £2 entry fee for about five/ten minutes, before we sensed that Mr B was losing the will to live …

Blog feature
World Cup Fever Strikes Castle Greysquirrel 

9 Jun 14

As the shop next door has put up their flags in support of England’s quest for the World Cup, we decided that we should finally shake ourselves and do our bit too because that is what Andy would have done, and couldn’t believe our luck when we …

Blog feature
Quelle Nuit …… The BGT Final, The Morning After ……. 

8 Jun 14

What a triumph …… we can’t tell you how much we enjoyed The Britain’s Got Talent Final …… it just kept getting betterer and betterer as the evening went on …..

Blog feature
Time To Say Goodbye 

6 Jun 14

Darrell’s trip to London to stay with Hugh was indeed fleeting, but he had promised Nigel and I fervently that he would be back in time for the Britain’s Got Talent final tomorrow night, as we had already been parted for The Eurovision Song …

Blog feature
Hugh’s Jardin De Londres ….. And Plans Afoot For Castle Greysquirrel. 

5 Jun 14

Hugh, Darrell has said, has been absolutely effusing about this years Chelsea Flower Show ……..

Blog feature
Hugh – De Rigueur, De Rigueur 

4 Jun 14

To say that Hugh is at the leading edge of all that is de rigueur in the fashion world is an understatement …..

Blog feature
Darrell Is Beckoned By The Robust Call Of London ….. 

3 Jun 14

When I see a familiar glazed, far away look in Darrell’s eyes and sense that he is becoming a little restless I know that he is feeling the powerful draw of London and needs the company of his best friend and mentor Hugh who lives the showbiz life …

Blog feature
Castle Greysquirrel Gears Up For The World Cup? 

2 Jun 14

It has come to Nigel’s notice that the shop next door to Castle Greysquirrel has already started to make preparations for the World Cup in the summer …..

Blog feature
Britain’s Got Talent ….. Did You Really Think We Wouldn’t Mention It? 

1 Jun 14

We have had quite a few e-mails from several of our fans signed “concerned” saying “Oi Boys, …..

Blog feature
Darrell Does Am-Dram With Pre-Theatre Noms Noms! 

31 May 14

Hilary, one of the ladies in the office, knowing that Darrell had a thespian leaning, asked if he would like a ticket for her latest play …….

Blog feature
An Unexpected Shared Moment By Proxy 

30 May 14

How very, very kind …… …..

Blog feature
Oh Nigel! 

29 May 14

Nigel came home last night is a complete state of flux, he’d nipped into the poundshop on his way back from work and had treated himself to something he had wanted for ages …….

Blog feature
Garden Plans Afoot 

28 May 14

There is much excitement and activity dans le bottom of our jardin …..

Blog feature
I Spy ….. 

27 May 14

I spy …..

Blog feature
A Five A Day Faux Pas ….. 

26 May 14

Oh mon dieu, we seem to have found ourselves with an overwhelming surfeit of fruit this week …..

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