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  • CCTV: Walsall burglar throws stones to smash window before breaking in
    04 Jan 13
    Footage shows man police want to speak to about a number of break-ins, one of which left a pet dog dead
  • Plastic drains covers on way to Walsall
    04 Jan 13
    Stolen drain covers in Walsall will be replaced with plastic ones in a bid to curb metal thieves, it was announced today.
  • Pelsall Library to open doors at complex
    04 Jan 13
    The new Pelsall Library will open its doors at the end of the month, leisure bosses have announced.
  • Social services staff suspended
    03 Jan 13
    Three members of staff at Walsall Council’s adult social services department, including its executive director, are suspended from their jobs.
  • Rag-and-bone men get complaints over noise
    03 Jan 13
    Nearly 80 complaints were made in a year about rag-and-bone men playing their bugle as they tour the streets of the region.
  • Walsall council leaders may get big rises
    03 Jan 13
    Senior councillors in Walsall could receive increases in allowances worth a total of almost £55,000, it emerged today.
  • Pitch gear stolen from Walsall junior football club
    03 Jan 13
    Thieves caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage during a raid at a junior league football club’s storage hut in Walsall where two pitch marking machines worth more than £600 each were stolen.
  • 40,000 visitors joy for Walsall Leather Museum
    03 Jan 13
    A record number of visitors have flocked to Walsall Leather Museum in 2012, new figures have shown. Just over 40,000 people flocked through the doors of the venue in the past year, up from 33,000 the year before.
  • Your Communities: Walsall Primary School children learn about bike safety
    03 Jan 13
    Year six pupils at Leamore Primary School in Walsall took a break from normal lessons to take part in a two-day Bikeability Course.
  • Happy New Year! 2012 stats for The Bloxwich Telegraph
    02 Jan 13
    Happy New Year to all our readers, friends and followers!  We’ve received an annual report about The Bloxwich Telegraph from the statistics helper monkeys and we were so pleased that we’d like to share some of this…
  • Walsall New Art Gallery shortlisted as Turner Prize host venue
    02 Jan 13
    Walsall’s New Art Gallery has been shortlisted to host the Turner Prize in 2015. The gallery is on the list of just a handful of contenders being considered.
  • Walsall road shut after man is stabbed
    02 Jan 13
    A road in Walsall was cordoned off and an investigation launched after a man was stabbed in the back.
  • 80 further norovirus outbreaks in region
    02 Jan 13
    Another 80 outbreaks of winter vomiting bug norovirus have been reported in the West Midlands and South Staffordshire over the past fortnight.
  • Walsall market traders will see reduction in rent
    02 Jan 13
    Market traders in Walsall are to receive a rent reduction this month under an initiative to boost business in the quieter period – despite plans to increase charges later this year.
  • Axed workers back at councils after big payouts
    02 Jan 13
    Hundreds of workers who were cut from councils and received combined payouts of at least £3.5 million have since been re-employed by those same authorities, it can be revealed today.
  • Your Communities: Walsall restaurant raises money for charity
    31 Dec 12
    Three charities got an unexpected festive gift when Walsall restaurant Five Rivers A La Carte held a party to celebrate its first birthday.
  • M-way crash boys 'precious jewels
    28 Dec 12
    The family of two young brothers who were killed in a Christmas Day motorway crash have paid tribute to their “happy and joyous boys”. Adnan Habib, 10, and four-year-old Arsalaan were killed when the car they were in crashed on the M6.

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UK news

The Independent

  • Church of England drops opposition to gay clergy in civil partnerships becoming bishops
  • 'The Tutankhamun dig of aviation': Brits to begin digging up missing Spitfires buried in Burmese jungle
  • Ex-NHS policy chief Alasdair Liddell dies aged 63
  • Cats killed in Cannock cattery fire
  • 'They sent her home and she lay in my arms dying': heartbroken husband slams hospital and pub after wife dies from suspected Christmas Day food poisoning

International news

Al Jazeera

  • Fatah holds first mass rally in Gaza in years
  • Anti-government protests rage across Iraq
  • Chavez fights 'severe' lung infection
  • Deadly car bomb strikes Damascus fuel station
  • Pakistan's Malala leaves UK hospital

TV and radio

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  • Pet dog found dead in canal…patio 'stone pitcher' wanted for questioning
    04 Jan 13
    A BLUNDERING burglar spent almost 10 minutes trying to break into a Walsall home by repeatedly hurling stones and pebbles at a patio door…
  • Stone throwing 'patio pitcher' caught on camera
    04 Jan 13
    Stone throwing 'patio pitcher' caught on camera A BLUNDERING burglar spent almost 10 minutes trying to break into a Walsall home by repeatedly hurling stones and pebbles at a patio door till it smashed. Police also want to speak to…
  • Where Did I Leave My Keys?
    04 Jan 13
    All crime reports include a section called the “M.O.”, or modus operandii, in other words a description of how the crime was committed.  I regularly go through the local crime reports, particularly for what we call acquisitive crime…
  • Drug detectives seek to identify unknown man
    04 Jan 13
    ?nbsp; DETECTIVES hunting those behind a string of cannabis factories across the West Midlands have today released a…
  • Protect yourself from 'Britain's fastest growing crime'
    04 Jan 13
    IDENTITY fraud completes our week of fraud awareness as our Economic Crime Unit officer talks about ‘Britain?rsquo;s fastest growing…
  • A neighbor’s blessed burden within reason, becomes a burden borne of all and one…
    03 Jan 13
    Arresting folk can only achieve so much, hence why working with partner agencies such as the Kickz Football Project is so important to us.
    Oh, how I do love arresting people. Apply the cuffs, say “You’re nicked” and off to…
  • Pensioner gave her life savings to mail scam
    03 Jan 13
    MASS market fraud and scam mail is the focus today as we continue our fraud awareness week. Economic Crime Unit…
  • Year ends on a high with lowest ever crime figures

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  • Coalition to consider vital town centre investment
    04 Jan 13
    A major town centre redevelopment project, creating 150 jobs, could attract investment from Walsall Council if the Coalition agrees to step in to help the scheme progress.
  • Plastic measures to beat scrap thieves in Walsall
    04 Jan 13
    Plastic drain covers are set to be introduced by Walsall Council to beat scrap thieves.
  • Jobcentres plea from Black Country Leaders
    31 Dec 12
    Leaders of the four Black Country authorities have joined forces to respond to a suggestion that local councils should be allowed to challenge to run central government services
  • Make a Mayoral gift of unwanted presents
    28 Dec 12
    A good home for unwanted Christmas gifts is being offered by Walsall’s Mayor.

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  • Steps going up, Chasewater Country park, Brownhills, West…
    04 Jan 13
    Steps going up, Chasewater Country park, Brownhills, West Midlands, England
  • January 3rd – This is the entry I wasn’t going to make. I…
    04 Jan 13
    January 3rd – This is the entry I wasn’t going to make. I really wasn’t going to continue. Then, I had my mind changed. You can read about that later today on my main blog . So when it came to actually taking pictures for it, I was still wrestling with whether I should or not on the way home. So, with…
  • Now I've completed the 365 days, should this journal continue? Please click this link to read my views and tell me yours.
    03 Jan 13
    Now I’ve completed the 365 days, should this journal continue? Please click this link to read my views and tell me yours.
  • January 2nd – I rounded the bend towards Brownhills, and the…
    02 Jan 13
    January 2nd – I rounded the bend towards Brownhills, and the overflow near the Pier Street Bridge caught my eye. Only a few days ago, this was a raging torrent, flooding the land behind, struggling to cope with the downpours that had constantly filled the canal. Tonight, it was quiet, a relative trickle…
  • January 2nd – So, back to normal. The festivities over,…
    02 Jan 13
    January 2nd – So, back to normal. The festivities over, Christmas decorations down, the rain, just for now, gone. This time last year I was struggling to ride at all. This Christmas has been a little odd: very little riding for the sake of it, and fearsome bad weather. I’m hoping for a better new year…
  • January 1st – If you’re thinking of traversing Bellamour…
    02 Jan 13
    January 1st – If you’re thinking of traversing Bellamour Lane, between Colwich and Colton, near Rugeley, I’d leave it a couple of days. Under the railway bridge, the road is flooded to some depth. I tried it, but gave up when the water rose up to my crossbar. The road could certainly do with a with…
  • January 1st – Happy new year! A great ride was first of the…
  • December 31st – I returned to the top of the Black Path in…
  • 2013 – The year so far

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  • Welcoming in 2013
    01 Jan 13
    Happy New Year everyone! Well, 2012 was the year my determination and hard work paid off and I was blessed to fall pregnant with BabyShilts. I really do appreciate everyone’s support that I’ve had throughout the last year. I’ve made some brilliant friends on Twitter and through my blog so I really am…
  • Digi Scrapbook Pages
    31 Dec 12
    I was lucky enough to be bought Craft Artist for Christmas so I thought I would have a go at Digi Scrapbooking.  I have started by using sample layouts and editing to suit. Love the program but need more practice. This first page is of our beloved Harvey. The next is Harvey Emma – Best Friends And…
  • What a fab Christmas, 2012
    29 Dec 12
    Now all the festivities are over, I can relax and share with you all what a lovely Christmas I’ve had. Since Christmas Eve, it feels like it’s been go, go, go. We’ve enjoyed a family Christmas Eve party, Christmas Day spent with both our families opening presents galore and stuffing our faces with Christmas…

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Walsall blogs

  • Council Acknowledge Withdrawal of Meadow House Planning Application
    04 Jan 13
    Posted January 4, 2013   We have just received an email off Walsall Council acknowledging the withdrawal of the planning application for Meadow House. It is now hoped that local residents and the Ward councillors can get together with the owners to find a mutually acceptable future for the site. Our…
  • Ian will be holding his first Advice Surgery of 2013 tonight at The Lighthouse Children’s Centre
    04 Jan 13
    Ian will be holding his first Advice Surgery of 2013 tonight at The Lighthouse Children’s Centre, Heath Road,  New Invention, Willenhall, WV12 5EF. Liberal Democrat Councillor Ian Shires will be at “The Lighthouse” Children’s Centre between 7pm and 8pm. So if you’ve a problem…
  • Check this out @ Willenhall CHART…..
    04 Jan 13
    Willenhall Chart Centre Want to get rid of those extra pounds, Then dont forget that our Gym is open Mon – Thurs 9am -9pm, Fri 9am – 8pm and Sat 10am – 2pm we have a new Vibro plate and coming soon we will be having a new multi Gym so call now on   01902 368199 to book your induction…
  • Global domination
    03 Jan 13
    Wordpress is a wonderful thing. It allows any idiot with an internet connection to rant and rave in cyberspace with impunity. It does not, however, inform its users of changes in blogging protocol but, on the other hand, does e-mail you with an end of year report. As if blogging was some sort of competition…
    03 Jan 13
    Christmas is over, the decorations in our little Walsall home came down on the 1st January and it was back to work on the 2nd – that’s it now for another year. So, what can we expect in 2013? The fortieth unfortunate year of our membership of the European Union. In 1973 we joined what we then quaintly…
  • Here’s where the story ends?
    03 Jan 13
    People who follow my 365daysofbiking Tumblr journal will be aware by now that there was something special about yesterday’s entry. I’ve actually completed 365 days of biking. Continue reading →
  • Nothing primitive
    02 Jan 13
    In the mean time, blog stalwarts David Evans, Peter ‘Pedro’ Cutler and Andy Dennis have been doing their bit to cement Anglo-Antipodean relations by helping Aussie reader Kesa resolve her family Genealogy in Brownhills. Continue reading →
  • Happy New Year to all our readers…
    02 Jan 13
    Posted January 2, 2013   Happy New Year ! Wishing you all a prosperous 2013! The Willenhall Lib Dem FOCUS Teams….
  • Privilege Theory. The Poltics of Defeat.
    01 Jan 13
    I’ve been blissfully ignorant of these ideas of privilege and the concept of checking it until very recently. It came across my radar after the fall out of a twitter row.  A set of ideas were put forward, and argument was made. The response to this argument boiled down to the person was writing it from…
  • Happy New Year!
    31 Dec 12
    Happy new year to all readers of the Brownhills Blog. Cheers for sticking with it, contributing and doing everything you do. The 2013 New Year quiz is still open and still has questions going for the asking. There’s been a great response so far, and there’s local beer up for grabs! Take a look at last…
  • While we’re in an inquisitive mood…
    31 Dec 12
    I found this image on Tumblr the other day. I don’t recognise it as Walsall. Is it? If so, where? I don’t recognise the oblique junction at all. Further, why are people taking perfectly smart historical images, and vandalising them … Continue reading →
  • The wizards of Aus…
    31 Dec 12
    Yesterday, a beautiful thing happened on the blog while I was busy, largely getting muddy on Cannock Chase (3 times now I’ve frozen my bits off in darkened, wet woodland, and still not a picture of a badger to show). … Continue reading →
  • LINK LOVE: 16 blog posts that have inspired me in 2012
    31 Dec 12
    Back in the day my glittering media career was launched with a review of the year in the Stafford Newsletter. Two days I spent going through old editions of the paper in the corner of the aircraft hanger of a newsroom. Proudly I picked up the next edition to read a double page spread with my name on…
  • Just another day
    31 Dec 12
    The chime of twelve in any particular time zone is meaningless in the great scheme of astrophysics and is of no consequence when it comes to the geological nature of an unremarkable speck occupying an insignificant part of the universe. Happy New Year…
  • New year quiz: Competition hotting up
    30 Dec 12
    Question 29: Where is this plaque (Street name for one point, number for another point)? (I didn’t take the image, and I rather the person who took it didn’t answer, please!) Cheers for all your wonderfully sporting answers to the … Continue reading →

  • Where there’s Hope
    30 Dec 12
    Just pulling this enquiry into the light that was submitted a couple of days ago. Anyone got any ideas – is the Primitive the one on Coppice Lane, Mount Zion or one of the ones up West? I get confused … Continue reading →
  • The Sunday Roast – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
    30 Dec 12
    Highlights of 2012 What I thought I’d do this week is what many publications or television programs put out this time of year. We’re going to have a nostalgic look back at some of the pieces which I’ve roasted about during 2012. Or to put it another way – recycle a load of crap because I can’t be arsed…
  • 2013 New year quiz!
    29 Dec 12
    The weather’s awful, it’s been a very wet Christmas, so I thought I’d give blog readers something to chew on over the new year week. Here’s a picture quiz to tease and provoke debate. Answers to most of the questions … Continue reading →
  • Christmas number one
    29 Dec 12
    There was a time, in the days of vinyl records and Top of the Pops, when speculation regarding the chart topper for Christmas generated genuine interest. It might now be a condition of growing old, but these days some of us look forward with greater enthusiasm to the release of cabinet papers under…
  • Aggravated burglary in Brownhills: can you help?
    28 Dec 12
    I’ve become aware over the course of the last few days that there has been a nasty burglary incident in Brownhills, and the rumour mill has consequently gone into overdrive. To attempt to help get the the message out there, … Continue reading →
  • CROSSROADS: 12 predictions for local government digital comms in 2013
    28 Dec 12
    Never make predictions, especially about the future. Wise words I feel. With a bit of time to pass about 12 months ago I rather boldly made some 12 predictions for local government digital which is an area I work in a bit. You can read them here. So, 12 months later I thought it maybe an interesting…
  • Along for the ride
    28 Dec 12
    Just before Christmas, I got hold of a new bike cam. It’s a GoPro HD Hero black edition, which has some pretty nifty features, including less distortion from the lens and better performance in low light. I’ve been using it ever since I got it, but the weather and dull commutes haven’t been conducive…

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  • Building HEE – Issue 2
    03 Jan 13
    The December 2012 issue of Building HEE,the latest transition news from Health Education England, has been published. It has updates on the appointment of key personnel including Lisa Bayliss Pratt as Director of Nursing. Lisa was previously Assistant Director of Nursing at  Midlands and East Strategic…
  • 210 – Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces From Chasewater News – Winter 1997– Part 3 General Manager’s Report
    03 Jan 13
    210 – Chasewater Railway Museum Bits Pieces From Chasewater News – Winter 1997– Part 3 General Manager’s Report Steve Organ Chasewater park is perceived by members and the public to be a public park, yet only now, thirty + years after first proposals, the joint strategy being developed between Staffordshire…
  • Better Training Better Care – Issue 4
    03 Jan 13
    The Christmas edition of Better Training Better Care (BTBC)  is now available. In Issue 4 (Nov-Dec 2012) Health Education England Director of Nursing, Dr Lisa Bayliss Pratt, speaks about the positive impact the BTBC programme has had on multiprofessional working and Howard Ryland from the Academy of…
  • Hunt for men launched after two indecent exposures in days
    03 Jan 13
    POLICE are appealing for help from members of the public after two recent indecent exposures which happened in the Birchills and Beechdale areas. Both incidents took place in November, but officers investigating the incidents have now released details of the attacks in the hops of tracing the offenders…
  • Road is closed for six months as 2013 begins with raft of works across town
    03 Jan 13
    MOTORISTS in Walsall are facing months of misery as a raft of roadwork schemes get under way with some set to last for up to six MONTHS. Commuters in Bloxwich, Willenhall, Rushall and Walsall will all be affected as road and signal maintenance, resurfacing, flooding alleviation and demolition work…
  • wildwalsall
    03 Jan 13
    FANTASTIC MR FOX: This fox, with its distinctive red fur, curls up for a rest in the winter sunshine in the first Wild Walsall entry of 2013. Helen Guy, who lives in Aldridge, took the snap at the end of last year on a Samsung WB690. Helen said: “Walking alongside the canal in Rushall, I came across…
  • Treat in store for toy collectors at fair
    03 Jan 13
    AVID toy collectors will get the chance to grab some new additions to their haul at the Walsall Toy and Train Collectors’ Fair later this weekend. Model cars, buses, aircraft, commercials and trains will be pulling in to Oak Park Leisure Centre, in Lichfield Road, Walsall Wood, on Sunday, January…
  • Honour makes yet another record for golden girl Ellie
    03 Jan 13
    Helen Draycott THE pride of Walsall has been given the royal seal of approval with Paralympics golden girl Ellie Simmonds and long-standing MP Richard Shepherd among those recognised in the Queen’s New Year’s honours list. Aldridge swim star Ellie rounded off an incredible year after being awarded the…
  • Social care issues 'being looked at' but no comment on 'sacking' rumours
    03 Jan 13
    BOSSES at Walsall Council have failed to confirm – or quash – rumours that the man in charge of the borough's social care system has been sacked. Paul Davies, pictured, took up the role of executive director for social care and inclusion in April 2010 after arriving from Oldham Council where he…
  • It's not about me, but the kids and the school
    03 Jan 13
    THE principal of the North Birmingham Academy has described being named in the New Year Honours List as a “great privilege”. Former Arthur Terry deputy headteacher Kim Popratnjak MBE, from Aldridge, dedicated the honour awarded for services to education to her “very supportive” staff and students at…
  • Magic of Elvis Presley at The Victoria
    03 Jan 13
    ELVIS impersonator Graham Payne will be getting regulars at The Victoria pub in Lower Rushall Street all shook up at his next charity gig night. ‘The King’ will be pulling on his Blue Suede Shoes and entering the building on Wednesday, January 9 at 9pm for the fund-raiser in support of Acorns Children…
  • New Year celebrations prove busiest night for ambulances but only one incident is local
    03 Jan 13
    AS revellers took to the pubs and clubs of Walsall to see in the new year, only one major incident in the borough was reported by West Midlands Ambulance Service Trust on what was their busiest night of the year. Ambulance crews were called out to Lichfield Road in Pelsall at 12.57am on Tuesday (January…
  • Five weeks for groups to apply for money from community pot
    03 Jan 13
    VOLUNTARY groups and community organisations in Walsall can get a new year cash boost to back their projects thanks to a charitable fund which launches next week. Community retailer The Midcounties Co-operative is inviting applications for grants of up to £2,000 to benefit good local causes from Monday…
  • Our country needs a fresh start in 2013 after all the greed
    03 Jan 13
    2013 is a special year for St Matthew’s as we celebrate our 800th anniversary! Yes, since the time of King John we have been bearing witness to the love of God on Church Hill and calling the people of Walsall to worship. We want our celebrations to lead up to September 21, which is St Matthew’s Day…
  • Let 'Education' and 'Endeavour' be our watchwords for this year
    03 Jan 13
    THE New Year entry from my ‘Birthday Book’ contains a comment from Joseph Addison (1672-1719): ‘A money lender serves you in the present tense, lends to you in the conditional mood, keeps you in the subjective, and ruins you in the future’. Addison’s observations do rather chime with our own times although…
  • 'Not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire'
    03 Jan 13
    MAY I wish you a Happy New Year and an untroubled year ahead. I was delighted that in the New Year's Honours, my parliamentary colleague and neighbouring MP received a knighthood. Congratulations to Sir Richard – 34 years of service to constituents. In my Christmas message, I referred to the events…
  • I'm not unrealistic, but let's also be proud of what we've got here
    03 Jan 13
    AS we look ahead to the new year in Walsall, it’s important for us all to take a moment to focus on the best of last year and build on its many successes. The Mayoress and I have spoken many times about the wonderful memories that we have gathered from 2012 thanks to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee events…
  • Now I have to show mettle
    03 Jan 13
    ALWAYS at the end of one year and the start of another it feels like the end of a chapter and the start of something. For 2012, there’s a lot to look back on with pride and I’m guessing a great many in Walsall will look back on this memorable year with fondness. They’ll recall shouting at the TV to…
  • I will continue to try to defend living standards of folk
    03 Jan 13
    I TAKE this opportunity to wish all my constituents and readers a Happy New Year. There is, of course, so much to be concerned about; further substantial cuts in public services are due to take place in 2013, and the effects will be felt inevitably on job insecurity and family life. I will certainly…
  • No one's got cross word to say about Muriel, 100
    03 Jan 13
    A GREAT-grandmother in Walsall had 100 extra reasons to celebrate the new year as she marked a milestone birthday. Crossword fan Muriel Glynn celebrated her 100th birthday on New Year’s Day. But there was nothing cryptic about the way she marked the occasion, surrounded by family and friends at Lakeview…
  • thegallery
  • Local council wants to run the job centres
  • Recycling new set of problems
  • Education the key to a better future
  • 12 Days of Christmas: Ed Walker
  • Smith pleased with festive turnaround
  • Local names given New Year's honours
  • Walsall author on the radio
  • 12 Days of Christmas: Leamore Primary School
  • 12 Days of Christmas: Roger Farnell

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  • 37040 37219 37384 at Bescot Stadium – July 1999
    03 Jan 13
    This is certainly a picture of its time, showing as it does three Class 37 diesels running through Bescot Stadium station in three separate liveries, on a boiling hot Saturday – 10th July 1999. Leading the trio is EW&S red 37040, still featuring the plated-over split headcode boxes. Next along…
  • 351/365
    03 Jan 13
    I had planned to start building the string and cable set for the mousetrap bow this afternoon after finishing work and I did indeed start it.  This is the first string I have tried to construct since my accident as I don’t make that many these days and I dare say I will make even less now that…
  • January 2013 Timetable
    03 Jan 13
    You can now download the January 2013 prayer timetable . PDF files can be viewed using Adobe Reader. To download Adobe Reader for FREE click here.
  • Family Photographers Walsall
    03 Jan 13
    If you’re looking for Family Photographers Walsall , you’ve come to the right place! Eileen Mason is a family run photography studio based in the heart of Walsall in the West Midlands, making us the top choice for family portraits in the area. We offer funky and fun family photography that will brighten…
  • End of the Millennium at… Sandy Lane, Bescot
    02 Jan 13
    Not the most idyllic place to spend the 31st of December 1999, but it was all I could afford on this historically important day. Actually, the weather was pretty uninspiring, so no matter what the location I may not have done much better than this shot of Centro Class 323 No. 323217 in a short…
  • 350/365
    02 Jan 13
    I’m blooming starving, I haven’t even made  a complete day yet and I am already weakening. Not even the promise of a sun kissed holiday is convincing me to shed my whale–like blubber. I expect a day or two will either kill or cure me but for now it all seems so unfair.  I started my…
  • Wow – I’ve won something!
    02 Jan 13
    I  am really quite flattered to have won the Versatile Blogger Award:   Filed under: middleman
  • What Am I Getting Myself Into?
    02 Jan 13
    It is the New Year of 2013 and the news programmes are full of tales of woe – the economy, the exorbitant cost of rail tickets, a seal stranded fifty miles inland – and “good advice” about reducing the amount we eat, drink and smoke. So, we are just two days in and I’m already teetering on depression…
  • 2012 in review
    02 Jan 13
    The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: 19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 94,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 5 sold-out performances…
  • 349/365
    01 Jan 13
    Well that is the festive season done and dusted for another year.  It all seems a little quiet now that Connor has returned home. The last morsel of indulgence consumed and back to the bread and water existence. Without a doubt it has been a good Christmas this year but the diet of post Christmas weight…
  • A Study in Scarlet by Sir A Conan-Doyle
    01 Jan 13
    I meant to post this in December but didn’t bother.I have read this twenty-five years ago but I wanted to re-read it as I understand Sherlock Holmes a lot better now. As this is the first of the Holmes stories, it does a lot of scene setting and it has an intriguing  plot with a [...]

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Walsall FC

    04 Jan 13
    Saddlers young striker Connor Taylor has had his loan deal at Nuneaton Town extended until the end of the season. 20-year-old Taylor joined Walsall at the beginning of this season following his release from Aston Villa, who he’d joined from…
  • Walsall v Portsmouth – Preview
    04 Jan 13
    Walsall v Portsmouth – Preview Vitalfootball:Walsall:04/01/2013 10:47:00 We welcome Portsmouth and the Sky Sports to The Banks's Stadium this evening in a game that IF we win could see us rise 2 positions to 14th in League 1.This also marks…
  • Walsall v Portsmouth
    04 Jan 13
    Preview followed by live coverage of Friday’s League One game between Walsall and Portsmouth (19:45 GMT).
  • Match From The Day – Portsmouth H 2000
    04 Jan 13
    Walsall Web Fans looks back on an important game between Walsall and Portsmouth which took place on Saturday April 29th, 2000 in what was known as the Nationwide League 1 (now The Championship) under Ray Graydon. It was imperative that The…
  • Walsall vs Portsmouth Preview
    04 Jan 13
    We never win in front of the Sky cameras, do we? Well, tonight the Saddlers will have a chance to put that right with a home game against the latest team to try and fly in the face of economic reality, in the shape of Portsmouth. Quite how…

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  • Home Matches – Saturday 5th January 2013
    04 Jan 13
    Home Matches – Saturday 5th January 2013
  • 1st XV – Willenhall go top after a convincing win over Eccleshall
    02 Jan 13
  • Veseyans U15 – U15 Wednesday training resumes
    02 Jan 13
    Time to start running off those Christmas excesses, training starts tonight 7pm until 8:30ish
  • Veseyans U16 – U16 Wednesday Training resumes
    02 Jan 13
    Time to run off those Christmas excesses, training begins tonight at 7pm until 8:30ish
  • RFU 2012/13 Grand Draw
    02 Jan 13

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  • New Year Wellecomme For Scholars
    04 Jan 13
    CHASETOWN have received a boost heading into the New Year with news that striker Nick Wellecomme has pledged his future to the Scholars despite interest from Midlands rivals Sutton Coldfield Town. The former Stafford Rangers and Hednesford…
    03 Jan 13
    New stock due in store and online as we have just taken delivery of the latest additions to the club shop in the form of our new Pics’ Gifts’ range.
    03 Jan 13
    And be in with a chance of presenting the winning player with the award !!
  • Book your Basic Referees Course online now
    03 Jan 13
    We still have places on our two Basic Referees courses available to book online.
  • Wyrley Juniors FC Beer Festival 11/12/13 January 2013
    03 Jan 13
    WYRLEY JUNIORS ‘REAL ALE’ FESTIVAL 11th – 12th – 13th January 2013 at Long Lane Clubhouse 10 Quality REAL ALE 3.9% to 6+%. 2 CIDERS/PERRIES. Halfpenny Green FRUITY WINES. Licensed BarHot food available – Pork Baps, Burgers, Pukka Pies, Chips…

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    Property Search Nestoria - UK property search engine
    e.g. WS1, Chuckery



    • LSH flushed with success as sewage works rates cut
      04 Jan 13
      Gordon Mackay, associate director in Lambert Smith Hampton’s rating team Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH) has given water companies a major boost by negotiating changes in the Valuation Methodology for Business Rates, leading to potential…
    • Prologis Signs Build-to-Suit Agreement for 367,500 Square Foot Facility at Midpoint
      04 Jan 13
      Prologis, Inc., the leading global owner, operator and developer of industrial real estate, today announced it has signed a lease agreement with The Pallet Network (TPN) for a new 367,500 square foot purpose built warehouse at Prologis Park…
    • Midlands firm helps turn potatoes into power
      04 Jan 13
      A local firm galvanizes a renewable energy project that will turn farm and food waste into electricity with the potential to power over a thousand homes. Worksop Galvanizing, part of Wedge Group Galvanizing, has galvanized more than 120 tonnes…
    • Eliot Park provides major economic boost
      02 Jan 13
      A ten year project in Nuneaton, delivered by a partnership between public and private sectors, has attracted more than £54m worth of investment and created over 850 jobs. Eliot Business Park now stands on the site of a former waste tip and…
    • Jaguar boasts record sales as recruitment drive prepared
      01 Jan 13
      Jaguar boasts record sales as recruitment drive prepared

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    • A day of variable amounts of cloud and odd brighter spells, 11 c.
      04 Jan 13
      The weather forecast for the Cannock Chase and surrounding area, Friday 3rd and outlook for the weekend. The day starts off dry, mainly cloudy. The afternoon will see some breaks in the cloud to allow the odd brighter spells of  sunshine. The day will be mild at 11 c with a gentle breeze. The evening…
    • Mild again.
      04 Jan 13
      The jet stream continues to bring warm air to us from the south and the air pressure has reached a level of 1035mb. These conditions mean that, for today, we are unlikely to see any rain (less than 10% chance) and the air temperature will remain mild.  The maximum temperature today will be around 10c…


    Weather in Walsall

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    Traffic England West Midlands updates
    • M6 northbound between J6 and J7 | Northbound | Roadworks
    • M6 northbound between J15 and J16 | Northbound | Roadworks
    • M6 Toll northbound between T6 and T7 | Northbound | Roadworks
    • M6 Toll northbound between T6 and T7 | Northbound | Roadworks
    • A5 southbound between M6 Toll and B4154 | Southbound | Roadworks

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    • SQL Specialist
      04 Jan 13
      SQL Specialist
      6+ Month Fixed Term Contract We are currently looking for an SQL Specialist with a background in the full SQL 2008 R2 family SSIS/SSRS/SSAS, to join our team and work onsite for our Client, a highly recognised UK brand…
    • Primary TA Needed in Birmingham
      04 Jan 13
      Monarch Education is a leading provider of supply for the education sector in Birmingham. We are currently looking qualified TA’s available for long term and day-to-day supply within Primary Schools in the Birmingham area…
    • Primary Teacher Needed in Birmingham
      04 Jan 13
      Monarch Education currently have a Primary Teaching job opportunity for a supply Teacher in the Birmingham Area. We are looking for Primary Teachers to cover short and long term positions in schools based in the Birmingham Area We are…
    • Primary Supply Teaching – Smethwick
      04 Jan 13
      Are you a Qualified Primary School Teacher? Are you looking for a flexible approach to teaching ? Are you available for 1 or more days per week? At Monarch Education we aim to provide an unrivalled service to both our schools…
    • HR Generalist
      04 Jan 13
      This is a great opportunity for a good all round generalist to join this service organisation in Staffordshire. The main focus of the role will be to develop and deliver HR operation policies, procedures and principles. Handling and investigating…


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