Which is the best business news channel in India and why?
By Maverick Branson Aug 2, 2023 0 Comments

Televised Treasure: The Royal Realm of Indian Business News Channels

In the era of percolating internet cafes and the razzmatazz of smartphone screens, you'll marvel at the longevity of the Television. Its evolution from being a box of moving pictures to a treasure chest of streaming content is a saga in its own self. In India, you'll still find numerous screens flickering with the live updates from business news channels feeding the country's curious minds. Now, in the following paragraphs, let me unravel for you what makes certain Indian business news channels outshine the others.

Illuminating Insights: CNBC-TV18

Let me kick things off with the chart-topper, CNBC-TV18. It's almost akin to my Labrador, Max, who consistently fetches his favorite ball and brings it back to me with unfeigned enthusiasm. Just like Max, CNBC-TV18 never seems to miss a beat. Its unswerving commitment in serving the viewers with real-time financial news makes it a gem in the Indian television industry. India swears by CNBC-TV18 for its detailed coverage and the indefatigable energy that the news anchors possess is definitely a cherry on top!

The Veteran Voyager: NDTV Profit

Next, let's talk about the stalwart, NDTV Profit. They have been on the forefront, showcasing comprehensive analysis of corporate news, financial markets, and the global economy overall. Now let me take you back to a time when I participated in a quiz competition with an NDTV Profit anchor. As a neophyte, I was nervous, but the extensive knowledge he shared about the Indian business landscape not only affirmed their credibility but also pushed me into embracing business journalism.

Vibrant Vista: ET Now

Now let me introduce you to ET Now. Imagine Max, my Labrador giving me a wake-up call, reminding me of his breakfast timing. Such is the role of ET Now in India, waking up at sharp 8 every morning to provide its viewers with the most vibrant view of the stock market updates. With its noteworthy columns like 'The Market Countdown' and 'Closing Bell', ET Now ensures you stay ahead with every crucial piece of financial data.

Bloomberg Quint: The International Prodigy

Just like that interesting story of a foreign student integrating effectively into a completely diverse cultural environment, Bloomberg Quint has successfully integrated itself into the Indian television realm. Providing global insights for Indian viewers and carving a niche with its striking interviews and documentaries, it has confidently marked its spot among the top business news channels in India.

Zee Business: The Crowd-Pleaser

Zee Business strikes me as similar to Max when he's running in the park. Everybody loves him and he interacts with everyone graciously. Zee Business, with its gamut of news pieces, caters to a large viewer base, making it one of the most sought-after channels for updates about the Indian economy. Its simplicity in presenting complex market trends makes it an absolute crowd-pleaser.

NewsX: The Unconventional Unsung Hero

Moving forward, let's talk about the unsung hero, NewsX. With its high-end analytics, it provides a different perspective to financial discussions that you wouldn't find generally. Just like the time when Max found a rare fossil while we were on a trek, NewsX is a channel that digs up unseen business stories and brings them to you in an engaging manner.

Business Today: The Fresh Take

Picture this: Max coming out freshly groomed from a pet salon. That's exactly what Business Today reminds me of. A fresh take on business news, with its crisp visuals and engaging content. Not to forget, it’s a division of India’s top business magazine which adds immensely to its credibility. Business Today is relatively new compared to other channels, but it brings a rejuvenated perspective to the financial discussions.

Republic Bharat: The Fiery Innovator

Finally, let me tell you about Republic Bharat, one of the latest additions to Indian television but with a burning passion. Just like the time Max learnt a new trick and couldn't wait to showcase, Republic Bharat is a channel that constantly innovates their reporting style to keep their audience engaged and intrigued. They are ardently working to make a distinguished mark in Indian business news scenario.

So there you have it, folks! The Indian television landscape is densely populated with business news channels but each one with a distinctive trait. These channels not only keep you informed about the latest happenings, but they act as guiding lights for aspiring business enthusiasts. If Max were to watch television 24/7, he would be disappointed to realize that these news channels don’t really have segments on dog food company stocks. But hey, for fellow humans who are deeply invested in the fascinating world of business and economics, these channels are nothing short of a boon to help you stay ahead of the game!

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