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Appreciate the option to selectively restore my desired types of data.


It successfully secured all my valuable contacts and photos. Great job!


Let my selectively backup my data from my mobile phone to my PC windows.


Good performance


Good performance.


The best part is being able to selectively back up what I want. I can choose the data I need, and leave out the rest. This not only saves space but also ensures I'm not backing up unnecessary stuff. It's exactly what I needed!


This app allows me to select what I want to backup and restore.


It has truly simplified the often cumbersome task of backing up Android devices. The neatly organized menu and straightforward options ensure that even beginners can initiate and complete backup tasks without any hassle.


Seamless and reliable to backup my realme phone!My only gripe is that the data management aspect feels a bit lacking.


Efficient and dependable! However, I do wish they would introduce some new features in the upcoming versions to make it even better.


Regularly backing up my android phone to my pc has been part of the routine, thanks to this tool. It has never let me down!!


I was on the hunt for a reliable backup solution for my Sony Xperia, and I stumbled upon MobiKin. What sets it apart is its affordability. It offers top-notch performance without draining my humble wallet.


MobiKin Backup Manager for Android is solid. Nailed it with my Galaxy S20. Managed all my data like a pro, no fuss.


Privacy matters to me, and MobiKin Backup Manager respects that. Backing up my Sony Xperia to my PC has never been this worry-free


Encountered minor issues post-purchase, and MobiKin Team responded quickly to guide me through. This tool backed up my Android smartphone reliably.


Good companion! When I needed to back up my files from my Moto Edge, the software performed exceptionally well, making it an indispensable tool.


MobiKin Backup Manager for Android excels at data security. Its efficient backup capabilities ensure the safety of your crucial contacts, messages, media, and more. A reliable tool for effortless Android data backups.


I've tried several backup solutions, but MobiKin Backup Manager for Android is by far the best. It offers a straightforward interface, advanced features, and excellent customer support, making it a top-notch choice for Android users.

Charlotte Nelson

Reliable & efficient! I've tried several backup tools for my Sony but MobiKin stands out. Its ability to fully backup my Xperia on my computer securely is exceptional.


MobiKin Backup Manager for Android is a must-have utility! It effortlessly safeguards my Android data with its reliable backup and restore features. It's user-friendly, efficient, and offers peace of mind for all my digital content.


We are using MobiKin and its really superb tool which is helpful to backup Android files. When we got issue related to file backup we approached MobiKin support center and they helped us in short time. It was a wonderful experience with them.


They have very friendly and helpful support. After quick chat with support center they helped to solve my issue with activation of the software. Thanks again.


I purchased MobiKin’s Backup Manager for Android product to backup my Redmi phone. It’s great for managing pretty much all data on an Android. Very useful product.


Download MobiKin to desktop and connected Samsung A53. Wanted to back up photos and videos. Took several minutes and it finished the work well. Great tool for me!


I needed to transfer my messages from my android phone my new pc. Their Backup Manager for Android saved my life after one day of fighting with several problems. Thanks a lot, guys.


Haveing used this program for over one month i have to say how easy it was to set up a backup scedule. Very helpful and fast help! Super!!!


Simplest files backup&restore tool I have ever used. I'm very satisfied with the function.


I have used MobiKin Backup Manager on mulitple devices. It is a fantstic program that works flawlessly. I have also received email from MobiKin detailing how to complete the product download. I appreciate MobiKin and would recommend them to anyone.


I have used several versions of the Android manager. Mobikin is not the most expensive, but one of the best. Easy to use, powerful, clear interface. Very helpful to me.


A while back I purchased MobiKin Backup Manager software as I was wanting to transfer data from my Xiaomi to PC. At first, it didn't recognize my phone. So I contacted the support team and they were very patient to help me. It works great now! Nice!


Quick and efficient soloution to my issue.


Experience was great! the detailed e-mail messages with thorough and easy to understand instructions were awesome. I felt informed of my purchase situation.


Initially I was skeptical about buying this software as I am hesitant to spend money. However losing data time and again has increased my anxiety over data loss and I decided to purchase it. Now I manage my files  more convenient and feel more at ease! I regretted not buying this earlier, else I could have saved my previous set of files lost.


This was really quick an easy. I would love for a tutorial video early on explaining the steps I'm about to walk through.


Ordered the MobiKin Backup Manager, and a couple minutes later it came in the mail. In my experience my product is great, and works fine.
Also when I asked about something the customer service was friendly, and helpful.


The quality, for the most part, is okay.


I have been a MobiKin customer for over 1 year now, there attention to detail, great quality & excellent pricing make them the only choice for my data manager needs, I would recommend them to anyone.


It was not so easy to find the good data manager for my device. My friend recommended me to choose MobiKin last week, I contacted their support and they offered me a good service. I have limited ability to manage the device. These guys are very willing to assist me. And it works well.
Anyone needing a Android data manager should check them out.


Reliable, cost-effective, virtually trouble-free. Perfect backup tool.


The support center are always friendly, and quick to answer my questions. I like them.


I have bought a couple of products from here. Codes worked absolutely fine and the whole experience was great. Great pricing too.


I can tell you with 100% honesty you will not find better service out there. MobiKin is the best data manager I've ever tried. The best thing is the well-priced and easy to work with. And the speed is very fast. Extremely happy with the performance!!


The pricing is always well-worth everything. There is no hassle, just good service and value.


Amazing Site, well worth a look. Lot's of Android and iOS software are on here and they are all cheap. I got the Backup Manager  cheaper than expected, instantly and the code worked. It was fantastic.


After purchasing backup manager from MobiKin I have noticed how easy it is to manage my files. I came into this without much experience, but everything was easy to follow. Recommended this for all Android users.


It is great backup manager if you mention about price, performance, and features. And the most impressive aspect of MobiKin is the reaction time for technical queries. Anytime I needed a question answered they provided quick and knowledgeable answer and help.


It is a very intuitive and easy-to-use tool to backup&restore Android files. Although its not completely free, the features satisfy me, worked great. Overall a very satisfying experience. Thanks.


This was the best choice by far after my horrific experience with another backup tool. I was able to download and install on Windows 10 without any problems at all. Definitely wonderful!


Surprised by the program that its prices are cheap in comparison to others. However, the quality met my expectations perfectly...I would give this 5 stars .Well done , you will get my vote every time.


Just simply amazing,it's a small program so it doesn't take up much memory, but it's just amazing.It works fast and powerful.
Best program I ever used!

Nikos Stilidis

All good! The software has a simple and efficient design, the installation process was simple enough and it's quite easy to control. I can manage huge files easily.


This is without a doubt the best Android backup manager I've ever used.I have tried lots of others,but nothing is as flexible and thorough.It has a simple interface that's easy to maneuver,which has saved me many times.

Shirley West

I just used this software to successfully back up all contacts, photos, videos, etc. on my Samsung S9. It only took a few minutes. And I found that it can also restore these backup files to a new Android phone. Great!


I have to say this software is amazing. It successfully helped me restored the former backup that I had cleaned up by mistake. This is so cool! By the way, it restores quickly and is easy to operate.

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