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Refund FAQs

When Can I Get My Money Back after the Refund Request is Approved?

Generally speaking, once your refund request is approved, the refund will be shown on your account within 3-7 business days. You can go to to check the refund status 3 days after the successful submission.

Due to billing cycles, the refund may not appear on the same credit card statement as the original charge. If you are unable to locate the applied credit, please contact the issuing bank for further information regarding when it will be applied.

During holidays, it may take longer but it is not expected to exceed 20 days. Sometimes the refund process might be longer than 20 days for the following reasons:

- The refund process may be extended due to festivals, holidays, bank affairs or other reasons;

- It is possible that the funds are frozen by the card issuer, bank, Paypal or other payment authorities. In this case, you can contact your credit card issuer or bank to learn about the refund progress.

If you do not receive the refund 20 days after our approval, please contact us to check the refund status.


Can I Cancel My Order after Placing It?

Please kindly understand that an order cancellation is not supported once it is processed successfully. That's because the orders are processed and fulfilled via platforms in an automated way. Hence, you are strongly suggested to try the trial version before you purchase our products. Our try-before-you-buy system allows you to experience some features of our software, which can help you better evaluate the product.

For the users who insist on a refund for some reasons, please read our Refund Policy carefully to see whether you meet the requirements. If you conform to the refund conditions, you can submit your refund request to our support center.


Refund Policy

MobiKin commits to developing advanced software for mobile phone users and providing you with better service. Hence, we offer the trial versions for all MobiKin products which allow users to experience some features of our software. In this "try-before-you-buy" system, you can download the trial versions to ensure whether they are compatible with all your requirements. This can help you avoid purchasing the wrong products.

Money Back Guarantee

MobiKin provides customers with a 90-day Money Back Guarantee and all the refunds will be approved within this guarantee only under the accepted circumstances below. If a purchase exceeds the product's specified money-back-guarantee period or does not conform to the accepted circumstances, your refund request won't be accepted.

Notice: Due to the instantaneity nature of data recovery, we provide a 7-day Money Back Guarantee for the recovery products, i.e. Doctor for iOS, and Doctor for Android.

Unaccepted Circumstances

Generally, your refund request will be rejected in these circumstances:

- You fail to read and understand the product descriptions before placing an order and are dissatisfied with the product's functions after the purchase.

- You change your mind after purchasing the products.

- You think you have purchased the "wrong" product and have purchased the "right" one from other website or company.

- You ask for a refund after you agree to exchange another MobiKin product already.

- You request for a refund for the operation failure that is not caused by or related to our product.

- You request for a refund for technical troubles, but never provide any detailed information about the problem to our support team or refuse to try the solutions provided by our support team.

- You ask for a refund for part of a bundle. That's because MobiKin cooperates with a third party payment platform which does not support any partial refund within an order.

- You request for a refund for the automatic renewal product. When you purchase our products, the payment platform would remind you of the Auto Renewal Service and tell you how to turn it off. In addition, before the order is going to expire 14 days, Mycommerce would send an email to you and you can cancel the automatic renewal service. Hence, if you do not cancel the service timely, you are responsible for your own behavior.

- You fail to receive the license code for the product and never ask our support team for help.

- You require for a refund for price change or want to get a refund on the product that is purchased from promotion campaigns.

- You want to get a refund on the product that is not purchased from MobiKin directly.

- A refund request for the MobiKin recovery tools only scan and restore parts of lost data. The data recover principles decide this limitation of recovery tools. Normally, if the trial version of MobiKin recovery tool can scan the lost data out, the full version can help you get them back. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to try the trial version and check the scanning results before purchasing the product.

Accepted Circumstances

Certainly, you can get a refund if you meet the following requirements:

- Supposed that you mistakenly purchase a wrong software and then purchase the right one from MobiKin within 90 days, we can refund you for the wrong product. However, if these two products are irrelevant, we won't approve the refund.

- If you simultaneously purchase the same product twice, we will refund one of the products or exchange one program for another MobiKin product with the confirmation of our support team.

- The purchased software has terminal technical problems and no any available solution has been provided within 30 days. Under this circumstance, MobiKin will refund you if you do not want to wait for a future upgrade or solution.

- You do not receive the license code within 24 hours after the purchase and have not received a timely response within one business day on weekdays after contacting our support team. (Tips: To retrieve the license code, you can search it from

Once a refund is issued, the corresponding license will be disabled, so please uninstall the software and remove it from your computer.

How Can I Get A Refund?

MobiKin provides a 90-Day Money Back Guarentee for most of our products (a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee for our recovery products, i.e. Doctor for iOS, and Doctor for Android). Before submitting your Order Refund request, please carefully read our Refund Policy and ensure you meet our refund requirements.

To get a refund, please send your Order Receipt/Order ID/Payment Mailbox (Order Receipt is recommended) and detailed refund reason to the following support email, a detailed information will help us complete the refund more quickly. We will deal with your refund request within one business day.


How to Get a Refund after Renewing 1-Year Subscription?

Please kindly understand that according to our Refund Policy, a refund for the automatic renewal product is not supported.

That's because:

When the order is completed, an e-mail with the subject of "Delivery information for XXX" will be sent to tell you the way to manage the subscription. What's more, 14 days before your subscription expires, MyCommerce will send you an e-mail again to inform you of the expiration and renewal. That means you can cancel the subscription any time before the expiration of 1 year. (Here, in order to know the subscription info timely, please keep an eye on your mailbox.)

Tips: To get more details about 1-Year Subscription, please go to the page:

However, if you meet the refund requirements of our Refund Policy and wish to get a refund, please submit a refund order by following the steps in "How Can I Get A Refund".


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